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Here is you list for Nov. 2014 releases

November 2014

Week of Nov. 1st. – 8th.

One Potion in the Grave – Magic Potion Mystery #2 – Heather Blake
Christmas Cozy – Zoe Donavan #11 – Kathi Daley *
Hell On Wheels – Odelia Grey Mystery #9 – Sue Ann Jaffarian *
Another One Bites the Dust – Jensen Murphy, Ghost for Hire #2 – Chris Marie Green *
On Borrowed Time – A Library Lover’s Mystery – Jenn McKinlay *
Lethal Letters – A Books by the Bay Mystery #6 – Ellery Adams *
A High-End Finish – A Fixer-Upper Mystery #1 – Kate Carlisle *
No Mallets Intended – A Vintage Kitchen Mystery – Victoria Hamilton *
Deeper Than the Grave – Tai Randolph/ Trey Seaver #4 – Tina Whittle *
Plagued by Quilt – A Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery #4 – Molly MacRae *
Reap the Wind – A Cassie Palmer Novel – Karen Chance
Waistcoats & Weaponry – Finishing School #3 – Gail Carriger *
Snow White Red- Handed – Fairy Tale Fatal Mystery #1 – Maia Chance *
Last Wolf Standing – Belinda Boring *
A Dog Gone Murder – Josie Marcus, Mystery Shopper Novel – Elaine Viets *
Suede to Rest – A Material Witness Mystery #1 – Diane Vallere *
The Chocolate Clown Corpse – A Chocoholic Mystery – JoAnna Carl *
Chorus Line, Caviar and Corpses – Happy Hoofers #1 – Mary McHugh *
Dirty Deeds – Savannah Martin #9 – Jenna Bennett *
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie – A Sister Jane Mystery – Rita Mae Brown *
Knot in my Backyard – Quilting #2 – Mary Marks *
Knot Guilty – Crochet Mystery series #9 – Betty Hechtman *
Bloody Politics – A Molly Malone Mystery – Maggie Sefton *

Week of Nov. 9th.

Flesh and Blood – Kay Scarpetta Novel #22 – Patricia Cornwell *
Hell on Wheels – Odelia Grey Mystery #9 – Sue Ann Jaffarian *
If the Shoe Kills – A Tourist Trap Mystery – Lynn Cahoon E-book only *
Reap the Wind – Cassandra Palmer #7 – Karen Chance *

Week of Nov. 16th.

The Job – Fox and O’Hare #3 – Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg *
Bound by Ink – Living Ink #2 – Marcella Burnard *

Week of Nov. 23rd. – 30th.

Magic Steals – Jim and Dali Novella in Nigh shift Anthology – Nalini Singh and other authors
Betrayed – A Rosato & Associates Novel #13 – Lisa Scottolline *
Black Widow – Elemental Assassin #12 – Gini Koch *

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Death on Eat Street is a Culinary Success

Death on Eat StreetDeath on Eat Street
Author: J.J. Cook
Copyright: April 2014
Publisher: Berkeley Prime Crime

Zoe Chase always wanted to own her own restaurant—but first, she’ll have to serve up a heaping helping of meals on wheels, with a side of mystery…

When she’s once again passed over for a promotion at work, Zoe decides to take the big leap and go for her dream. She quits, gives up her fancy digs, and buys a fixer-upper diner in a shady part of town. To keep above water during the renovation, she buys a used food truck to serve the downtown and waterfront of Mobile, Alabama.

Zoe starts to dish out classic Southern food—but her specialty is her deep-fried biscuit bowls that blow traditional bread bowls away.

After a promising start, things start to go downhill faster than a food truck without brakes. First, someone tries to rob the cash register. Next, Zoe is threatened by the owner of a competing food truck for taking their spot. And when the owner ends up dead inside Zoe’s rolling restaurant, Zoe and her sole employee, Ollie, find themselves hopping out of the frying pan into the fryer. They need to find the real killer, before both of them get burned.

Zoe has reached her breaking point. Between a cheating boyfriend, being constantly passed over for promotion at work, and the most pushy mother in the world she’s had it! Zoe is going to reach for her dream of owning her own restaurant.
She buys a closed diner and does enough to bring the kitchen up to code. But to raise the money needed for a full refit and updating she decides to run a food truck to raise the money to finish her dream plan. It’s hard work and she’s fighting against all the established operators and the interference of family. After an argument with one of the other truck owners who park down by the police station she comes back to the restaurant and has another unending fight with her ex.
To make matters worse she is out of the truck for maybe half an hour and comes back to find a dead body wedged into her truck cab.
This is just the start of J.J. Cook’s new Biscuit Bowl Mystery series and if you want to know more about this first adventure you’re going to have to beg, borrow or steal a copy. I find that the mix of characters (her family and street people) make for a great read. I’m not handing out any spoilers. LOL
FTC Full Disclosure: I received my copy of this book from the authors who only asked for a fair and impartial review.

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April’s New Book Releases as I see it

April 2014


Week of April 1st

Ghost of a Gamble – Granny Apple #4 – Sue Ann Jaffarian

A Killing Notion – Magical Dressmaking #5 – Melissa Bourbon

Sugar and Iced – A Cupcake Bakery Mystery #6 – Jenn McKinlay

Stone Cold – Broken Magic #2 – Devon Monk

The Whole Cat and Caboodle – A Second Chance Cat Mystery #1 – Sofie Ryan

A Bat in the Belfry – A Home Repair is Homicide Mystery – Sarah Graves

Magical Misfire – A Southern Witch e-Novel – Kimberly Frost

Circle of Desire – Damask Circle #3 – Keri Arthur

Drowning in Fire – The Elementals #3 – Hanna Martine

Marked – A Mindspace Investigations Novel #3 – Alex Hughes

Death on Eat Street – Biscuit Bowl Food Truck #1 – J.J. Cook

The Day he Kissed Her – A Bad Boys of Crystal Lake Novel – Juliana Stone *

Under Stone Cold – A Constable Molly Smith Novel – Vickie Delaney

A Biscuit, A Casket – Gourmet Pet Food Mystery #2 – Liz Mugavero *

A Second Helping of Murder – Comfort Food Mystery #2 – Christine Wenger *

Bloom and Doom – A Bouquet Shop Mystery #1– Beverly Allen *

Uncertain Glory – Lea Wait *

Death Comes Quickly – China Bayles #22 – Susan Wittig-Albert *

A Roux of Revenge – Soup Lover’s Mystery #3 – Connie Archer *

Forget Me Not – Quilting Mystery – Fern Michaels *

Antiques Chop


Week of April 7th

Sea of Shadows – Age of Legends #1 – Kelley Armstrong

Dreams of Gods and Monsters – Daughter of Smoke and Bone #3 – Laini Taylor *

Pack of Strays – Fangborn #2 – Dana Cameron *

Miss Julia’s Marvelous Makeover – Miss Julia Mystery – Ann B. Ross *


Week of April 14th.


Hanging by a Hair – Bad Hair Day #11 – Nancy J. Cohen

Guidebook to Murder – eBook – A Tourist Trap Mystery – Lynn Cahoon

Apart at the Seams – Cobble Court Quilt Mystery #6 – Marie Bostwick

Dances with Demons – Phoenix Chronicles Novella – Lora Handeland


Week of April 28th

How to Seduce a Vampire (Without Really Trying) – Love at Stake #15 – Kerrelyn Sparks

Apart at the Seams – Cobbled Court Novel #6 – Marie Bostwick

The Taking – Kimberly Derting *

Half Moon Harbor – The Bachelors of Blueberry Cove #2 – Donna Kaufman  

Once Bitten, Twice Burned: A Phoenix Fire Novel – Cynthia Eden  

Antiques Con – A Tran & Treasures Mystery – Barbara Allan  

Dead Giveaway – Joanne Fluke     

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Playing with Fire is One Hot Read

Playing With FirePlaying with Fire

By: J.J. Cook

Copyright: January 2014

Publisher: Berkeley Prime Crime


Fire Chief Stella Griffin is working to solve the mysterious death of her predecessor, Eric Gamlyn—who also haunts her cabin. Yet the more she learns, the more burning questions she must answer. Just as Stella thinks she has a lead from Deputy Chum, someone snuffs her hopes—and the lawman.

Adding fuel to the fire, Stella’s parents soon arrive—with her ex-boyfriend—hoping to persuade her to return to Chicago. Now Stella is torn between the life she left behind and uncovering what happened to her ghostly friend. But she’d better think fast or more than her investigation could go up in flames.

Stella is being pulled from all sides. She needs to find out who murdered her predecessor and keep her parents at bay at the same time.  A retiring deputy visiting her with information he’d kept quiet about for years, exhuming the old chief’s body to find out who’s buried in the grave, and deciding whether to go back to Chicago are all weighing heavily on her.  On top of that her parents show up with her ex in tow to bring her home is really putting the cherry on top.

This second book in the Sweet Pepper series is bringing a lot of the storyline together in one book. I read this book with a sense of wonder and joy and pieces started to fall into place and the author’s talent takes us on a magical journey. I highly recommend this series to all lovers of cozies with a touch of the supernatural.

FTC Full Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the author who only requested that I write a fair and honest review.


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Cast On, Kill Off is a Treat to your Senses

Cast on Kill OffCast On, Kill Off

By Maggie Sefton

Paperback Copyright June 2013

Publisher Berkley

Wedding bells are ringing in Fort Connor, Colorado, and the House of Lambspun knitters are abuzz with excitement. But when a murder interrupts the wedding planning, Kelly Flynn will have to solve this crime fast to ensure the killer doesn’t wind up on the guest list…

Kelly Flynn’s knitting pal Megan is about to get hitched, and Megan has found the perfect seamstress, Zoe Yeager, to create the bridesmaids’ dresses. But Zoe is harboring a secret. Bruises on her face show a troubling side of her marriage, and just after she finds the courage to leave her husband, she’s shot dead.

Zoe’s husband is a key suspect, but there are others who might have had designs on her death. It’s up to Kelly and her knitting pals to use their sleuthing savvy to solve the case. They’ll have to stitch up all the loose ends before they can don their dresses and escort Megan into the land of happily ever after…


Amazingly good story… Kelly is sort of back with Steve, her friend Megan’s wedding is on the horizon, and murder hits the group. The dress maker is killed and there are way too many people who agree that Zoe’s (the dressmaker)abusive husband is the killer.

With more things on her plate then you can shake a stick at, Kelly rallies to the call and starts asking questions that will lead to the real killer. Is it someone they all know and like? I guess you’ll have to read the book to find out.


FTC Full Disclosure: I received my copy of the book as a gift from a friend.

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Murder for the Halibut is a FIVE STAR read!

Murder for the HalibutMurder for the Halibut

By Liz Lipperman

Copyright January 2013

Publisher Berkeley Prime Crime


A sports writing job would have been the perfect catch for Jordan McAllister, but in Ranchero, Texas, all she could reel in was the food column. Though she may not know her way around a kitchen, she has no trouble finding herself in a kettle of fish…

Tempted by the offer of a free Caribbean cruise; Jordan accepts a spot as a judge in a week-long big-time cooking competition aboard the Carnation Queen. She just better hope no one finds out that her famous palate is far from refined.

But there are bigger fish to fry when arrogant chef Stefano Mancini falls face first into his signature halibut dish during the first event. While evidence suggests that the handsome Italian chef’s death was an accident, Jordan thinks otherwise. But she’ll have to keep her wits about her—and the sea sickness pills handy—if she’s going to solve this one…


My thoughts on the book:

When Jordon is tapped to replace one of the food tasting judges on a cruise sponsored by a local radio station she is only looking at the opportunity for some fun in the sun.  But before she can get on the cruise ship she is taking part in a fishing trip with the chefs.  The chef who pulls in the largest fish will gain points during the cook-off.  So of course Jordon somehow lands the biggest fish of the trip and also gets hit on by one of the sleazy members of the group.

As the group boards the ship for the cruise, little does  Jordon know how the bodies will pile up and the most unlikely of suspects takes the forefront.  Jordon and her friends will have to stay on their toes to see this cruise and cook off to the end.


FTC Full Disclosure: I received this book from the author, who only requested a fair and impartial review.

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