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My day at RWA NY2015

Well, I spent my day yesterday at the Marriot Marquis hotel in NYC. I had my day all planned out. Get there early, sneak into the ballroom and leave my calling card at the seat of each author I wanted to see, or knew. DIDN’T HAPPEN!

The geshtapo was out in force. There were guards at all entry points, special passes needed, or you had to be someone’s plus 1. They even had a “holding pen” on another floor where last time people were lined up down on street level and then shuttled up at opening time. RWA YOU ARE JUST TOO ORGANIZED FOR WORDS! LOL

I did have an interesting time though. While waiting around at the Crossroads Lounge on the 8th floor I met Megan Crane, Rebecca E. Neely, Lorelie Brown, and Kathryn Roberts. These lovely ladies were friendly and interesting to talk to. I fully intend to check out their books and add them to my list of authors to follow.

Hours later when I found out about that holding pen I mentioned the crowd was already up to section E when I got there (somehow Dru Ann got into an earlier letter group) so I had another wait to finally get into the ballroom where the even was being held. At one point I literally ran into one lady that you all know and love. I’d been talking to Linda O. Johnston (who had a corner spot) and found myself face to face with the amazing Sheila Connolly. The last time I did something like that was in the dark ages, running late for a class (night college) and knocked poor Soupie Sales right on his fundament! (yes I apologized and got his autograph)

I also got to see Gina Ardito, Jeanine Frost, Patience Griffen, and Maggie Sefton. Last but certainly by no means least I got to see Roxanne St. Claire (AKA Roxie). There were a few other incidents of mention. There was this one woman in her high powered chair who was doing the isles in the opposite direction I was taking and was there in front of me at every turn. I finally just had to say those magic words “we simply must stop meeting like this” and another great movie line “You AGAIN!” which managed to get a chuckle out of her each time we met.

Yes I finally ran into Dru Ann at one point, at Linda O’s signing point, only to lose her again for the rest of the evening to the noise and crowd of the event (which if it gets any bigger will need to be held in separate stadium sized venue).

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