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Grey Howl is a Classic Mystery Read

Grey HowlGrey Howl
By: Clea Simon
Copyright: March 2014
Publisher: Severn House

A prestigious literature conference is convening in Cambridge and Dulcie Schwartz is the university liaison for the event, meeting and greeting some of the finest minds in her field.

But events do not run according to plan when one scholar’s presentation is sabotaged while another visiting professor disappears. As Dulcie and her boyfriend Chris struggle to solve problems and soothe egos, a strange apparition starts to haunt the bi-annual event. And even Mr Gray, the ghost of Dulcie’s late, great cat,,appears to be overwhelmed, leaving Dulcie to manage an increasingly backstabbing crew of professional rivals, one of whom may be a killer.

Dulcie’s life feels like it’s spinning out of control. She is going to be presenting a paper at the conference taking place at her university so of course the department chair has decided that she also has to be in charge of taking care of everything else also. Meeting the visiting scholars, making sure they have what they need while still trying to have a life of her own is in a word daunting.
Things start going sideways when one of the scholars asks for help retrieving the file that supposedly contained her notes for her presentation, and claiming that someone has sabotaged her computer. Finding out that everyone in the visiting group has a past that crossed lines over the years (and also having affairs with each other) is making it difficult for her to keep them in line.
Add in some possible poisonings, a dead body, and once again being seen as a person of interest by the police is making Dulcie wonder why she ever let her boss push her into being liaison to the visiting trouble makers.
Clea Simon, in each succeeding book in this series is proving that she is up there with the greats. Her stories bring to mind authors like Dame Agatha Christie, John Sandford and J.J. Marric. Her ability to juggle so many people and multiple crossing plots make her books a genuine pleasure to read, collect and share with friends.

FTC Full Disclosure: I received this book from the publisher who only asked for a fair and impartial review.

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True Grey is a Smashing Success!

True GreyTrue Grey

By Clea Simon

Copyright December 2012

Publisher Severn House


Things look bleak for cat-loving Dulcie Schwartz when she finds the body of an academic rival she threatened to kill just days before . . .  When Dulcie Schwartz stumbles across the body of Melinda Sloane Harquist, a visiting scholar whose upcoming book threatens to ruin Dulcie’s thesis and who she threatened to kill, in jest, just days before, it’s creepily reminiscent of the nightmares that have been waking her for the past week.

And with boyfriend Chris distant and preoccupied, and both the ghost cat Mr Grey and her kitten Esmé strangely cryptic in their advice, it’s up to Dulcie to prove herself innocent, before it’s too late . . .


This book is taking longer to read than it should… Every time I reach a point of the story that upsets me, I have to close the book and walk away for a minute or longer. I do love the characters though and this new book is the most troubling of all so far. The actions taking place around our heroine are scary, very scary.

Besides the classes that Dulcie teaches, she is working very hard researching her thesis topic, and finally feels like she is making progress towards finding the identity of the unknown author.  Thomas Griddlehaus, the Chief Clerk of the library’s famous Mildon Collection is helping her find the scraps of pages she needs to validate her thesis. He is a very quiet and nervous man who seems to enjoy being able to help her.  So it pains him to have to inform her that she is being locked out of the library at the behest of the Dean, who is giving exclusive access to a visiting scholar… A scholar who appears to be searching for the very same scraps and author that Dulcie’s been spending five years researching.

Why is all this so upsetting to me, and scary?  This academic scholar is a former student at the college and appears to be very close to the dean who gave her access.  So with much trepidation Dulcie arranges to get access to her prior to her “coming out party”, Dulcie finds her dead in her rooms with her head bashed in.  She is ignoring Mr. Grey’s advice and steps into the room thereby making her even more of a suspect  then she would be anyway.

The many twists, turns, and possible enemies are piling up and Dulcie has no idea who to trust. Even her boyfriend Chris appears to be unavailable when she needs him most.  You will be very shocked at the identity of our killer and their motives.  This book will keep you riveted to your seat from beginning to end (unless, like me  you need a break between shocks).


FTC Full Disclosure: I received this book as a gift from the author who hoped I would give it a fair and impartial review.


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