Elaine C. from Tucson, AZ.


Buried in Buttercream

By G.A. McKevett

Copyright April 2012

Publisher: Kensington Books

After a recent brush with death, plus-sized P.I. and bride-to-be Savannah Reid has decided to stop sweating the small stuff. But when an event planner comes in to arrange her wedding, Savannah discovers that murder can ruin even the best laid plans… 

Hailed as the wedding planner to the stars, Madeline Aberson has orchestrated some of the most exclusive soirees in Hollywood. But when Madeline becomes embroiled in a nasty divorce, her life falls apart, and rumors swirl that her parties have become total duds. Desperate for work, Madeline finds herself planning far less glamorous affairs, including none other than Savannah Reid’s wedding to Dirk Coulter.

It doesn’t take long for the opinionated Madeline to get on Savannah’s last nerve, and when the big day finally arrives, Savannah can’t wait to send Madeline packing. But when the bride finds Madeline’s body face down in the pool, floating among an elegant array of rose petals, it’s clear that someone has already hastened the diva’s departure. For better or for worse Savannah and Dirk put their wedding on hold, vowing instead to find out who killed Madeline and why…

If it weren’t for bad luck, Savannah and Dirk would have no luck at all. As Savannah and Dirk stand in shock, watching the building where they were to be married burning to the ground, with her wedding gown and the bridal party’s dresses burned to cinders.  The unhappy couple are discussing the fact that Dirk should not have hit the fireman (a friend of Dirk’s) who stopped him from running back into the building to try and save Savannah’s and the Bridal Party’s dresses.

Jim’s phone rings and he turns away from the unhappy couple to answer it and find out that the fire was a case of arson and that it appeared to be the work of a serial arsonist who they were looking for.  Dirk and Savannah decide to help look for a suspect since their training gave them the knowledge that most arsonists stick around to watch their work and get some sick pleasure out of it.  They split up and start looking carefully through the crowd.  Savannah notices a lone watcher on a high point over the parking lot and slowly approaches from a tangent.

She calls Dirk and tells him she thinks she’s got their guy.  She quietly approaches and finds a young man so fixated on the fire below that he is unaware of Savannah’s approach.  Noticing a reversed Pentacle on a chain around the suspect’s neck she calls Dirk with her location and that she is sure this is the guy. Long story short, they collar the guy and he’s off to jail.

Dirk and Savannah are now at a loss with how to proceed with their wedding plans. They’ve spent a bundle and can’t afford to be this extravagant a second time.  Thankfully they have wonderful friends in John and Ryan. These wonderful guys have decided to gift Savannah with a Wedding Planner to help them find a new venue for their wedding at a price they can manage to squeeze out of their savings.

While everyone has heard of Bridezillas, Madeline is the Planzilla of the worst sort.  After Van gets her to actually listen, they manage to find a sort of happy medium on venues and costs.  The wedding is back on.  Of course while all this is going on, Van’s family is ensconced in her small house rubbing on her last nerve and eating her out of house and home while turning the place into a veritable pigsty.

Finally the happy day again arrives, and as Savannah gets ready to walk down the aisle she asks her sister Marietta and asks her if she has Granpa’s ring.  Marietta looks at her blankly for a second and thinks.  Oh, I stuffed it in that big white garbage bag with all your other stuff.  Savannah takes off for the Bridal Room praying that the bag is still there, along with the ring she was going to give Dirk.

Entering the room she finds the ring and looking out the French Doors to a patio attached to the Bridal Room. There she see’s Madeline face down in the pool DEAD!  Calling her sister Marietta to go and get Dirk, she verbally chastises her for arguing. She tells Dirk that he might as well bring Dr. Liu along since she’s the Coroner and can begin processing the scene. Another wedding day ruined and a probable murder to solve.

I love this series. I’ve been a fan since “Just Desserts” came out so many years ago.  I am sure that this series will be around for many more years.
FTC Full Disclosure: I received this book from the publisher who only requested a fair and impartial review.


The publishers have kindly offered me a copy of Buried in Buttercream  for one lucky entrant.


The author, G.A. McKevett has graciously offered to send a personalized bookplate to the lucky winner.

Tell us why you want to win “Buried in Buttercream”. You must leave a valid e-mail address in the comment box with your comment (it would also be nice if you became a follower of my site but it’s not necessary to enter).  Please break it up using (at) and (dot), like domain (at) host (dot) com.  This is only open to US & Canadian mailing addresses—sorry, no international entries this time!  Contest ends on Friday March 30th.  at 6pm EST.  Winner will be notified by e-mail and has 2 days to respond.  The book will be shipped directly from the publisher. The winner will be chosen by using to make things fair.

26 responses to “

  1. Joye

    I love buttercream frosting so will definitely read this one. it sounds like a fun read

  2. This sounds wonderful! I’ve read this author before and love her work. I’d love to enter.


  3. Mary R

    I love to read! I have read your books before and this one sounds great, just like the rest! 🙂

  4. Michelle Fidler

    I love cozy mysteries so I’d like to win the book. I haven’t read any in the series. I love the pink cover.


  5. Have read the rest in the series and enjoyed them.

  6. What a great sounding book. I am a lover of Cozies so this fits the bill!

  7. Peggy Bragg

    I love to read your books sometimes I gave to wait awhile to read them, Being on a fixed income I depend on the library for books. Can’t wait to read the book.

  8. Stacie Amelotte

    This is one of my favorite series. I love the characters. Can’t wait to read this one and see if Van & Dirk finally get married despite all of the events occurring. Thank you for the giveaway! 🙂


  9. cyn209

    thank you for the giveaway!!!
    i hope to win Buried in Buttercream as it has been on my WishList for a long time!!!

    cyn209 at juno dot com

  10. Stacey Cook

    Love this series! Always an entertaining fun read 🙂 Looking forward to the new book!


  11. Christa

    I love this series. I have read every book (some more than once!) and absolutely can NOT wait for the new book! Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway.

    christa9756 (at) gmail (dot) com

  12. Sue Mueller

    Sounds like a winner! Am anxious to read this next-in-the series even if I’m not the winnter.

  13. Dot

    When I read that Savannah and Dirk were finally admitting their love for each other, I drew in the deepest breath, held it for a minute and slowly exhaled! The author has made these characters seem like our friends. I anxiously await her new book and a long awaited wedding!

  14. Alicia Farage

    I love this series and was so excited when Dirk proposed in the last book. I can’t wait to read this one! I want to win a copy because this is one of my very favorite series! Thank you~


  15. Prentiss Garneer

    I love to series and hope to win!!!!!
    Prentiss Garner

  16. Penny Tuttle

    I love the Savannah Reid series – she’s a smart and sassy heroine. Please enter my name in the giveaway. Thank you.
    pennyt at hotmail dot com

  17. When Dirk proposed in the last book I cried. I got so excited I can’t wait to read it. A friend lent me all the books last year when I was recovering from surgery and I fell in love with Savannah and Dirk.

  18. Amanda Peters

    I have been a huge fan of Savannah since I read my first one a few years ago. Since I recently lost my job and rent comes before my love of books, it would be awesome if I could win a copy!

  19. Pam Smigowski

    Like many Savannah Reid fans, I have been waiting for this wedding. And it sounds like just what I would imagine. I would love to be able to read the book before my library has it available. We don’t have holds so it is first come, first serve.

  20. shirley nienkark

    Sounds like fun. And who doesn’t like buttercream?

    boots9k at wowway dot com

  21. Donna F. Lentini

    When I pick up the latest Savannah book, I settle in as if I’m catching up with a group of old friends! I have read each and every one. I have also really enjoyed getting to know the author better on Facebook. I can’t afford to buy books any more, I get them from the Library. I’d treasure my very own copy of a Savannah book!
    Donna in Hughesville, MD

  22. Beverly

    Love this series and am anxiously awaiting the release of this new one – winning a copy would be great. tnbjw(at)hotmail(dot)com

  23. Misty parsons

    I have followed mckevetts character savannah since the beginning. I have read and re read and then downloaded to my kindle! I find such inspiration in such a strong female.I also love how in depth all of the characters backgrounds are. I truly felt as if these people existed and I knew them all for years! I have not yet read BIB but did
    Read the sample. I would love to win a copy of this book. I have never came across another author as open and friendly to their fans. She speaks to all of us one on one on her Facebook page and even leaves comments about my posts or photos! Love her , love the series!!!! Pick me lol.

  24. Hollie

    The premise seems really well. I have not had the opportunity to pick up this author or the series before. Romance and mystery are now my mainstays it seems. Good Luck!

  25. Margaret Trotter

    Savannah is… scintillating… skyblue staring… scrupulous (sometimes)… spiritual… suggestive… seldom squeamish… somewhat spry… spirituelle… searching… safe… steady. Signing in for success, for Savannah’s subsequent sceme.

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