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Amazing: It’s almost September already!

Here’s my multi-genre list of September reviews.  As usual I post it early so you can pre-order or reserve them at your library in time to get the first copy available.  I hope you find some amazing reads for the coming month.



September 2016

Week of September 1st. – 9th.

Paint the Town Dead – A Silver Six Crafting Mystery #2 – Nancy Haddock *

By Familiar Means – A Witch’s Cat Mystery #2 – Delia James *

Deja Who – MaryJanice Davidson *

Letters from Paris – Paris Key novel #2 – Juliet Blackwell *

Cancelled by Murder – A Postmistress Mystery #2 – Jean Flowers *

Murder of a Cranky Cat Catnapper – A Scumble River Mystery #19 – Denise Swanson *

No Farm, No Foul – A Farmer’s Daughter Mystery #1 – Peg Cochran *

Digging up Dirt – A Southern Ladies Mystery #3 – Miranda James *

Cheddar Off Dead – An Undercover Dish Mystery #2 – Julia Buckley *

Apprentice in Death – In Death #43 – J.D. Robb *

My Wild Irish Dragon – Boston Dragons #2 – Ashlyn Chase *

Once Broken Faith – An October Daye Novel #10 – Seanan McGuire *

The Question of the Felonious Friend – Asperger’ #3 – E.J. Copperman/Jeff Cohen *

Guardian’s Mate – A Shifter Unbound Novel – Jennifer Ashley *

Closed Casket – The New Hercule Poirot Mysteries – Sophie Hannah/Agatha Christie *

Black and Blueberry Die – A Fresh Baked Mystery – Livia J. Washburn *

Two Tall Tails – A Magical Cats Mystery #9 – Sofie Kelly *

Apprentice in Death – In Death #43 – J.D. Robb *

Santorini Caesars – Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis #8 – Jeffrey Siger *


Week of September 12th.

Driving Heat – Nikki Heat #7 – Richard Castle *

Death of an Avid Reader – Kate Shackleton #6 – Frances Brody *


Week of September 19th.

The Magician – Dark Arcana #1 – E.J. Stevens *

By Familiar Means – A Witch’s Cat Mystery #2 – Delia James *

Immortal Nights – An Argeneau Novel #24 – Lynsay Sands *

Magic Binds – A Kate Daniels Novel – Ilona Andrews *

Pushing up Daisies – An Agatha Raisin Mystery #27– M.C. Beaton *

Crushing on Love – Love in Bloom (The Bradens) – Melissa Foster *

Not Quite Perfect – Not Quite Perfect series book 6 – Catherine Bybee *


Week of September 26th.

Death by Pumpkin Spice – A Bookstore Café Mystery – Alex Erickson *

It’s Your Party, Die if You Want To – A Liv and Di Mystery – Vickie Fee *

The Semi-Sweet Hereafter – A Chocolate Whisperer Mystery #3– Colette London *

High Kicks, Hot Chocolate, and Homicides – A Happy-Hoofers Mystery #5– Mary McHugh *

British Manor Murder – A Lucy Stone Mystery – Leslie Meier *

Christmas Caramel Murder – A Hannah Swenson Mystery – Joanne Fluke *

Shadow Silence – Whisper Hollow #2 – Yasmine Galenorn *

Magic Binds – A Kate Daniels Novel – Ilona Andrews *

A Cherry Cola Christmas – A Cherry Cola Book Club Novel – Ashton Lee *

A March to Remember – A Hattie Davis Mystery – Anna Loan – Wilsey *

Before She Dies – Suspense Mystery – Mary Burton *

Bite Me – The Pride Series #9 – Shelly Laurenston *

Nick of Time – Suspense/Thriller/Action – John Gilstrap *

Shoot ‘em Up – A Maisie McGrane Mystery #3 – Janey Mack *

The Babe Ruth Deception – A Fraser and Cook Mystery #3 – David O. Stewart *

The Bark  Before Christmas – A Melanie Travis Canine Mystery – Laurien Berenson *

The Coldwater Warm Hearts Club – A Contemporary Novel – Lexi Eddings *

The House on Honeysuckle Lane – An Oliver’s Well Novel #2 – Mary McDonough *

The Murder of a Queen Bee – A Henny Penny Farmette Mystery #2 – Meera Lester *

Dangerous Protector – Aegis Group Book #5 – Sidney Bristol *

Dandelion Dead – A Natural Remedies Mystery #4 – Chrystle Fiedler *




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Gentle on my Mind is a Thoughtful and Enjoyable Read

Gentle on my MindGentle on my Mind

By Susan Fox

Copyright: September 2013

Publisher: Zebra Contemporary Romance

Brooke Kincaid knows second chances don’t come cheap. She’s spent five years repairing past mistakes and making her life in Caribou Crossing steady and predictable. But now a stranger’s Harley has shattered her fence and her peace of mind in one swoop. Brooke is drawn to everything about wounded undercover cop Jake Brannon—his raw masculinity, his tenderness, and the undisguised desire that makes her feel more alive than she’s ever been.

By rights, Brooke should curse Jake for complicating her life. Instead, she’s offered him a place to heal and a cover story as he searches for a wanted man. Jake knows she’s vulnerable, but she’s also strong, kind, and hotter than hellfire. It’s a combination that could make even a die-hard loner long to put up his boots and put down roots at last, and show her just how good a second chance can get…

Brooke has worked hard to change the minds of her neighbors and prove that she’s changed, and moved beyond being the person they knew for many years.  Having what to her appears to be a gang banger biker crash into her fence (with requisite bullet wound) is not helping her peace of mind.  Let’s not forget the fact that even with his gruff exterior and threats of mayhem if she doesn’t do what he wants, she’s finding feeling for him that she has not felt in ages.

Jake is an undercover cop who is now in trouble and must let this strange woman help him without giving himself away.  Together they will both find out things about each other and themselves that will hopefully make them both better and stronger people.

Factor in Brooke’s son and family, and the extended family and you have not only a mystery but a romance that will keep you spellbound from the first page to the last.  I found the characters to be believable and compelling (having a cop for a son in law, and a cousin who spent his career in Military Intelligence made it easy).

FTC Full Disclosure:  I received this book from the publisher who only asked for a fair and impartial review.

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Deadly Little Lies Will Hold You Captive Till the End.

Deadly Little Lies

By: Jeanne Adams

Copyright: September 2011

Publisher: Zebra Romantic Suspense

Secrets are what drive billionaire Shipping Magnate Davros Gianakopulos to succeed. And no one intrigues him more than striking art gallery owner Carrie McCray. But when a vengeful enemy traps Dav and Carrie in a ruthless battle of wits, the only thing he can trust is desire…

Carrie has faced down trouble before – betrayal taught her how. But staying one step ahead of those hunting her and Dav is as dangerous as her urgent feelings for him. Each move brings them closer to disaster, just as Dav’s every searching kiss challenges Carrie’s hard-won reserve. And he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her…even putting their last chance at love on the line…

Davros and Gates Bromley have been friends and business partners for many years.  Gates is now a partner in his own software and security business.  They are meeting to discuss plans for projects they are both involved with and going over the number and type of assets that will be employed in it.

Davros Gianakopulos is not only an extremely rich and powerful businessman, he’s a man who usually gets what he wants.  What he wants and has wanted for some time is art gallery owner Carrie McCray. He’s been interested in her since the day he saw her setting up a display in her gallery.  After his meeting with Gates he is picking up Carrie for lunch (the first time she’s agreed to go out with him) and because of this he’s not concentrating on anything but her.

Dav goes against all his own rules and decides they will walk to the restaurant he’s chosen.  His security detail is taken by surprise and totally thrown off their stride.  Arriving at the restaurant Dav notices what appears to be a movie crew shooting a scene a few blocks over and comments to Carrie about it.  He’s a bit upset since his security people should have been aware of this and informed him prior to picking this restaurant for lunch.

Seated outside in a sunny area they discuss some of their past adventures, he is interrupted by the approach of one of his security people.  He realizes that something is going on and grabs Carrie to leave the area.  As they are leaving a large Black SUV jumps the curb, going through the cement planters and begin firing at his security people.  He covers Carrie’s body with his own to protect her. He is grabbed, pulled into the SUV and a bag is placed over his head.  From here Dav and Carrie will have to live or die by their wits and shared talents.

This book pulled me into the action from the first page.  The Romantic Suspense genre is one of the most intense styles of writing I’ve ever enjoyed.  I’ve always loved adventure stories of any kind. Jeanne Adams has created a world where you become part of the action and lives of her characters. All of whom are totally three dimensional and very real.  In my mind I can see them walking down the streets of any major city, window shopping, visiting museums and galleries and enjoying life.

I’m looking forward to the next book in this series and also intend to go back and read them all in order again.

Ms. Adams can be found hanging out at and also at

FTC Full Disclosure: I received this book from the publisher who only asked for a fair and impartial review.

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