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FB Has Changed the Rules, Read this notice

Facebook apparently has rules for pages that nobody knows about/pays attention to. But Facebook is serious, and they’ve updated the rules today.

These rules I’m referring to are about promotions/contests run on Facebook. They aren’t directed solely at authors, of course, but since many authors routinely post contests on Facebook through their author pages, I thought I should bring attention to this issue. Turns out that if you don’t follow the rules, Facebook can and will delete your page at any time and without warning.

First, feel free to read the Facebook rules straight from the company itself. It’s in pretty plain English.

However, for those of who would rather read my summary, please pay attention.

According to Facebook’s Promotion Guidelines (which includes contests, although they define them differently than how we commonly use the term), we:

1) May NOT hold a contest on our Facebook pages unless it is administered through a third party app and is placed on a unique page tab or canvas page.

2) Must disclose that participants are giving information to us and not to Facebook; must acknowledge to participants that the contest is not sponsored, endorsed, or associated with Facebook; and must have participants somehow acknowledge that they release Facebook from any liability.

3) May NOT use any part of Facebook’s features or functionality to enter participants in the contest. This means participants cannot be required to like a status/picture, comment on a status/picture, enter their own status/picture, or even like the page as a condition to be entered into the contest.

***You should read this last one again. If I’m reading this correctly, it means that we can no longer hold “Like my page and I’ll give away a Kindle when I reach 5,000 fans” contests.***

(Note: If you read the rules on the Facebook link, #3 and #4 are in clear contrast as #4 says you CAN do this. However, as #3 is the update to what I read just last week, I’m certain that it holds the most weight and Facebook will probably clear this up soon.)

4) May NOT use any Facebook features or functionality (such as asking people to “Like” something) in order to receive votes for a promotion. (I have to admit I’m not really sure I’ve ever seen anything like this; if someone can clue me in, please do.)

5) May NOT use Facebook to notify winners of any contest whether held on Facebook through the third party app or on a separate website (such as our author websites). This notification includes posting on our own walls, posting on winners’ walls, chats, and direct messages.

6) May NOT use Facebook in the name of a promotion (such as “Check out the Ashley March Facebook Contest”), nor any trademarks, copyrights, intellectual properties. We may NOT use Facebook in the rules and materials of any contest except as stated above in #2 as required. (Note: Because all of these rules are meant to govern us if we “communicate or administer a promotion” on Facebook, I believe this guideline specifically applies to what we post or link to on Facebook about a contest; see below for a run-around.)

In my opinion, what does this all mean for us? I don’t blame Facebook for protecting itself, but it definitely limits us to the point where we can ONLY communicate on the site. Of course, the point of having social media is to interact with readers, but I know a ton of readers who enjoy Facebook contests and a lot of authors (including myself) who have ran “Like Me” contests in the past in order to increase the number of readers on their page.

In essence, the only things we CAN do are:

1) Use Facebook to mention and provide links to contests we are holding elsewhere (unless it’s a Facebook contest; see below).

2) Continue to run “Like Me” contests on our author websites. However, we can only use Facebook to monitor the number of people who become a fan. We can’t use Facebook to advertise the contest because of #6 above and we can’t use Facebook to notify winners. Publicity for “Like Me” contests will have to come through Twitter (yay, Twitter, my new best friend!), newsletters, our own websites, etc.

3) Announce that you’ll run a contest AFTER you get a certain number of “Likes.” Then run the contest on a separate tab through the third party app or on your own website.

All of this is a big blow to author promotion, and I know some people are going to continue running contests as they see fit anyway. For me, however, I’m going to be following the rules simply because I don’t want to find out one day that my page has been deleted. If you know of any authors who are running contests on Facebook or are otherwise violating these rules, please let them know!

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Author Rosemary Harris will be IN THE HOUSE May 19.

If you live anywhere in Brooklyn, Manhattan or Queens. Come out to meet

and greet NY Times Author Rosemary Harris.

When: Thursday Evening May 19, 2011

Where: Brooklyn Public Library (Ft. Hamilton Branch)

Address: 9424 Fourth Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11209

Time: From 6:30 PM until 7:30 PM

Ms. Harris will be there to meet her fans, talk about her books, answer questions, and if asked nicely she will probably sign a book or two if you have them with you.


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Sort of a News Flash

I attended the Charlaine Harris book signing tonight at B&N in Manhattan.  After a very long wait, I got to talk to her for like 30 seconds. Brought the subject around to her old Aurora Teagarden series with hope of her returning to it.  Then I mentioned Malice and she told me that she intends to return to Malice in 2012. 

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HELP!! I’m buried in books

I just got home from visiting 2 different county libraries. Total take TEN BOOKS. That’s on top of the rest of the books I still haven’t finished.  I’ll be visiting my library websites to update the return dates on the older books so I don’t have to rush.

My Current Library TBR List

Cat Sitter Among the Pigeons – Blaize Clement     Due    05-03-11

Pale Demon – Kim Harrison     Due    05-03-11

Dead by Midnight – Carolyn Hart     Due    05-09-11

Awakened – House of Night 4 – P.C. Cast   Due    05-09-11 QL

The Native Star – M.K. Hobson      Due     05-16-11

The Burning Glass – Lillian Stewart Carl    Due    05-16-11  QL

Haunting Jordan – P.J. Alderman       Due     05-16-11  QL

Ghost Ship – P.J. Alderman          Due     05-16-11 QL

Laced with Magic – Barbara Bretton      Due     05-16-11

A Decadent Way to Die – G.A. McKevett     Due    05-16-11

Hexbound – Chloe Neill      Due     05-16-11

Secrets of the Demon – Diana Rowland      Due    05-16-11

Aunt Dimity and the Family Tree – Nancy Atherton     Due     05-16-11

Casting Spells – Barbara Bretton     Due    05-16-11

The Glass is Always Greener – Tamar Myers       Due    05-16-11

Stay Tuned for Murder – Mary Kennedy        Due    05-16-11

Sticky Fingers – Nancy Martin      Due    05-16-11

Vampires Not Invited – Cheyenne McCray     Due    05-16-11

Anthem for Doomed Youth – Carola Dunn    Due    05-03-11

Home Free – Fern Michaels    Due    05-16-11

Fallen – Lauren Kate     Due    05-16-11

The Incorrigible Children, the Mysterious Howling – Maryrose Wood  05-16-11

The Incorrigible Children, the Hidden Gallery – Maryrose Wood Due  05-16-11

Miss. Julia Rocks the Cradle – Ann B. Ross     Due    05-16-11

In The Company of Vampires – Katie MacAlister    Due    05-16-11

Though Not Dead – Dana Stabenow   Due    05-19-11  QL

The Werewolf Upstairs – Ashlyn Chase      Due    05-19-11 QL

Bloodshot – Cherie Priest    Due    05-19-11

The Iron Witch – Karen Mahoney     Due    05-19-11

Killer Listing – Vicki Doudera     Due    05-19-11

Demonglass – Rachel Hawkins     Due    05-19-11

Room – A Novel – Emma Donoghue       Due    05-19-11

The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party – Alexander McCall Smith    Due   05-19-11

After the Golden Age – Carrie Vaughn      Due    05-19-11

Hiss of Death – A Mrs. Murphy Mystery – Rita Mae Brown     Due    05-19-11

My Owned TBR List – Will Post Reviews as I Finish Reading Them

Beaglemania – Linda O. Johnston

A Deadly Cliché – Ellery Adams

Sealed with a Kill – Lucy Lawrence

ARC – Sentenced to Death – Lorna Barrett

The Pot Thief Who Studied Pythagoras – J. Michael Orenduff

The Pot Thief Who Studied Ptolemy – J. Michael Orenduff

Stitch me Deadly – Amanda Lee

Shot Through Velvet – Ellen Byerrum

Drip Dead – Christy Evans

Cut to the Corpse – Lucy Lawrence

Stuck on Murder – Lucy Lawrence

Cookie Dough or Die – Virginia Lowell

Mourning Gloria – Susan Wittig Albert

Begging for Trouble – Judi McCoy

A Hard Day’s Night – Casey Daniels

Elvis and the Dearly Departed – Peggy Webb

Force of Habit – Alice Loweecey

Classified as Murder – Miranda James *

The Measby Murder Enquiry – Ann Purser *

Mrs. Jeffries Forges Ahead – Emily Brightwell *

The Busy Woman’s Guide to Murder – Mary Jane Maffini *

The Cat, The Lady and the Liar – Leann Sweeney *

ARC – Louisa and the Missing Heiress – new series – Anna MacLean *

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FYI – Googling yourself can find surprises

I checked my name on Google to see if my address was there anywhere.  I was surprised to find myself listed for a website called “”.  This is the new incarnation of the old “” site which was much more private.

If you don’t want too much info about yourself hanging out on the web, they do have an 888 number you can call to request they take you off their posted lists.

Sorry to hear that you are thinking about deleting your account.  You can delete your MyLife account at any time. You can call our Customer Care team toll free at 888.704.1900 for assistance or by following the instructions below: 

  1. Log into your MyLife account with your Username and Password.
  2. Select the “My Account” drop down on the top right side of your screen and click “Settings”.
  3. On the My Account page, click the “Delete Account” link. 
  4. Follow the on-screen messages and if you still decide to delete your MyLife account, please click the “Yes, delete My Account” button. 

Deleted accounts will be removed from public view within 10 business days after your request.

Additionally, it may take up to 2-weeks for you to stop receiving MyLife emails, as some may have been prepared for delivery and already placed in an outbound queue.


If you have further questions please contact MyLife Customer Care toll-free at 888-704-1900 – Monday-Friday 6am-9pm PT and Saturday & Sunday 6am-6pm PT

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Let the Buyer Be Warned!

I’ve been collecting the book cover post cards that many authors and publishers mail out. In many cases they are personalized with an autograph.  I’m also saving the new smaller playing/baseball sized cards that are making their way to cons and conventions.

I’ve been going crazy trying to find the clear vinyl sheets with the proper sized pockets to store them in.  I thought I’d found a place when I was running an errand and past a store call “THE HOT SHOT (or SPOT) on Nostrand Ave cnr of Ave. P.  If you live in Brooklyn anywhere in the Sheepshead Bay, Madison, Flatbush area you might have seen it as it’s directly across from a Hebrew Day School (Yeshiva).

I went into the store, politely inquired about the sheets I needed and was told that they had them , and they were .25 cents each.  I was going to purchase 30 asstd. sheets and pulled out my bank debit card.  He immediately told me that they had a TWENTY FIVE DOLLAR MINIMUM.  Now I’ve asked at many banks whether stores are allowed to do this, and in every case they said NO!  I explained that I didn’t have a credit card and that it was a debit card. It didn’t make a difference.  There was no notice posted anywhere in the store that I could see, I even asked if they had this illegal price minimum posted anywhere. He looked around and said, no I guess not.  I walked out fuming and this rant is my answer to his actions.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS STORE… They do not believe in fair business practices.


You may now return to whatever you were doing before I started screaming.


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My friend Leann Sweeney is now a NYTimes listed author. She is on the extended list at #29. Way to go Leann, I know that you will never be off this list again.  You have proven that your books, which I love so much have the staying power to keep you on top.

MAZEL TOV to you.


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A very pleasant evening with Clea Simon

I just got home from meeting Clea Simon at Partners & Crime.  She is a lovely lady and a very entertaining one also.  I was there with Dru Ann Love, a book reviewer who I’m friends with and my sister Debbie.  A good time was had by all.  The crowd was very respectable for a Monday Evening.

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Look out world here I come!

Ok, I let my friend and fellow reviewer Dru Ann talk me into setting up an actual blog page.  I gotta tell you, this was scary. It was easier 30 years ago when I used my browser to build a website.

I don’t know how often I’ll actually post anything other then book reviews here, but I hope all y’all will stop by once in a while to see what’s going on.



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