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My day at RWA NY2015

Well, I spent my day yesterday at the Marriot Marquis hotel in NYC. I had my day all planned out. Get there early, sneak into the ballroom and leave my calling card at the seat of each author I wanted to see, or knew. DIDN’T HAPPEN!

The geshtapo was out in force. There were guards at all entry points, special passes needed, or you had to be someone’s plus 1. They even had a “holding pen” on another floor where last time people were lined up down on street level and then shuttled up at opening time. RWA YOU ARE JUST TOO ORGANIZED FOR WORDS! LOL

I did have an interesting time though. While waiting around at the Crossroads Lounge on the 8th floor I met Megan Crane, Rebecca E. Neely, Lorelie Brown, and Kathryn Roberts. These lovely ladies were friendly and interesting to talk to. I fully intend to check out their books and add them to my list of authors to follow.

Hours later when I found out about that holding pen I mentioned the crowd was already up to section E when I got there (somehow Dru Ann got into an earlier letter group) so I had another wait to finally get into the ballroom where the even was being held. At one point I literally ran into one lady that you all know and love. I’d been talking to Linda O. Johnston (who had a corner spot) and found myself face to face with the amazing Sheila Connolly. The last time I did something like that was in the dark ages, running late for a class (night college) and knocked poor Soupie Sales right on his fundament! (yes I apologized and got his autograph)

I also got to see Gina Ardito, Jeanine Frost, Patience Griffen, and Maggie Sefton. Last but certainly by no means least I got to see Roxanne St. Claire (AKA Roxie). There were a few other incidents of mention. There was this one woman in her high powered chair who was doing the isles in the opposite direction I was taking and was there in front of me at every turn. I finally just had to say those magic words “we simply must stop meeting like this” and another great movie line “You AGAIN!” which managed to get a chuckle out of her each time we met.

Yes I finally ran into Dru Ann at one point, at Linda O’s signing point, only to lose her again for the rest of the evening to the noise and crowd of the event (which if it gets any bigger will need to be held in separate stadium sized venue).

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New Releases for December 2014 and an Apology

Here is my list of new titles coming out this month…. as always it is multi-genre.

I’d also like to apologize for the lack of reviews on this site lately.  I’m finding that as soon as I finish a book and place it on my desk to review, I forget what the book was about.  Like when you get up to get something from another room, only to find when you get there you no longer remember why you came in that room.  I’m working at it though and hope to start putting out reviews again shortly.

Thank you for your patience.


December 2014

Week of Dec. 1st.

City of Eternal Night – Crescent City #2 – Kristen Painter
Once Upon a Grind – A Coffee House Mystery – Cleo Coyle
Scorched Eggs – A Cackleberry Club Mystery – Laura Childs
Keeper of the Castle – A Haunted Home Renovation Mystery – Juliet Blackwell
Meow if it’s Murder – A Nick and Nora Mystery – T.C. LoTempio
The Ghost and Mrs. Mewer – Pet Hotel Mystery Series #2 – Krista Davis
Inspector Spector – A Haunted Guesthouse Mystery – E.J. Copperman
Death with All the Trimmings – A Key West Food Critic Mystery – Lucy Burdette
Aground on St. Thomas – Mystery in the Islands #3 – Rebecca M. Hale
Murder, Served Simply – An Amish Quilt Shop Mystery – Isabella Alan
Geared for the Grave – A Cycle Path Mystery #1 – Duffy Brown
Spell Booked – Retired Witches Mystery #1- Joyce and Jim Lavene
If You’ve Got it, Haunt It – Haunted Vintage Mystery Series #1 – Rose Pressey
Keeper of the Castle – A Haunted Home Repair Mystery – Juliet Blackwell
Wickedly Wonderful – Baba Yaga #2 – Deborah Blake
Bittersweet Melody – Belinda Boring
Shadow of Doubt – Carol Childs Mystery #1 – Nancy Cole Silverman *
Universal Alien – Gini Koch
Tagged for Death – A Sarah Winston Garage Sale Mystery #1 (e-version) – Sherry Harris *
Love me Tender – A Caribou Crossing Romance # 5 – Susan Fox *
The Chihuahua Always Sniffs Twice – Barking Detective #6 5 – Waverly Curtis *
The PMS Murder – A Jaine Austen Mystery – Laura Levine *
Suspicion at Seven – A Lois Meade Mystery – Ann Purser *

Week of Dec. 7th.

Week of Dec. 14th.

Reverent – Demonica #11 – Larissa Ione *
Kill Em with Cayenne – Spice Shop Mystery #2 – Gail Oust *

Week of Dec. 21st.

Week of Dec. 28h.

One Witch is Not Enough – Retired Witch’s Spell Book Mystery #1 – J.& J. Lavene
Universal Alien – Alien #10 – Gini Koch
Keeper of the Castle – A Haunted Home Repair Mystery – Juliet Blackwell *
Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire – Love at Stake #16 – Kerrelyn Sparks *
Low Midnight – A Kitty Norville Novel – Carrie Vaughn *
Meet Your Baker – A Bakeshop Mystery – Ellie Alexander *
Murder at the Book Group – Maggie King *
Broken Bonds – A Cold Creek Mystery – Karen Harper *
Paw and Order – A Paw Enforcement Novel – Diane Kelly *
Eyes Only – The Sisterhood #24 – Fern Michaels *

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My Multi-Genre list of July Releases


Night VisionNight Vision – Indigo Court #4 – Yasmine Galenorn

Deadly Forcast – Abby #11 – Victoria Laurie

Cold Copper – The Age of Steam – Devon Monk

Magic Rises

Magic Rises – Ilona Andrews

Yarn to Go – A Yarn Retreat Mystery – Betty


Grace Takes Off – A Manor House Mystery – Julie Hyzy

Not the Killing Type – A Booktown Mystery #7 – Lorna Barrett

Laced With Poison – A Sweet Nothings Mystery – Meg London

Rubbed Out – Riley Adams

Tarnished and Torn – Juliet Blackwell

Tulle Death Do Us Part – Annette Blair

A Custom-Fit Crime – Melissa Bourbon

Final Sentence – A Cookbook Nook Mystery – Daryl Wood Gerber

Death of a Coupon Clipper – Lee Hollis

One Dead Cookie –  Cookie Cutter Mystery #4 – Victoria Lowell

Dyeing Wishes – Molly MacRae

The Hen of the Baskervilles – Donna Andrews

Fifth Grave Past the Light – Charlie Davidson #5 – Darynda Jones

White Trash Zombie Apocalypse – White Trash Zombie #3 – Diana Rowland

Vampires, Bones, and Treacle Scones – Liss MacCrimmon Mystery – Kaitlyn Dunnett

Affliction – Anita Blake #23 – Laurell K. Hamilton

White Trash Zombie Apocalypse – White Trash Zombie #3 – Diana Rowland

Of Grave Concern – Ophelia Wylde Paranormal Mystery #1 – Max McCoy

Forsaken by Others – An Urban Fantasy – Jess Haines

A Darkness Strange and Lovely – Susan Dennard

No Easy Answers – Suspense – Carolyn Hart

Vampires, Bones and Treacle Scones – Liss MacCrimmon – Kaitlyn Dunnett

Werewolf in Alaska – A Wild About You Novel – Vicki Lewis Thompson

The Cat Sitter’s Cradle – A Dixie Hemingway Novel – Blaize Clement

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Sneek Peak at Long Gone Man by Phyllis Smallman

Here’s an advance look at a new mystery series by Award Winning Author Phyllis Smallman.  The Singer Brown Mystery Series.  If this short blurb gets your interest, then you need to put it on your TBR list and pre-order it as soon as it hits the usual bookseller’s sites.


Long Gone ManLong Gone Man

By: Phyllis Smallman

Copyright: September 2013

Publisher: TouchWood Editions

Singer Brown’s life takes a nosedive after the suspicious death of her lover, Michael, a roadie for a rock band called Vortex. Twenty years later, she is looking for revenge. In a thick fog, a ferry docks on Glenphiddie Island and Singer’s decrepit van unloads. The homeless singer is there to find the man who destroyed her life all those years ago. But she arrives too late. Someone has already killed Vortex’s lead singer, Johnny Vibes. And now the murderer is coming after Singer.

Each of the former band members is hiding sins, both old and new—secrets worth killing for. But Singer has one potential ally: Johnny Vibes’s wife, who has just as much to lose as Singer. While trying to clear her name and solve the mystery of Michael’s death, Singer enters a dangerous and deadly world of jealousy, greed, and murder.

Set in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia, this series follows Singer Brown, a homeless woman who sings on the streets for coins and watches life ebb and flow around her. With a knack for being in the right place at the wrong time, Singer is one of society’s invisible people. And being unseen is an incredible advantage to have when you’re digging for secrets.

FTC Full Disclosure: I received this book from the publisher who only asks for a fair review.

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A Look Ahead Into 2013

My latest 2013 new release update list…. for additions and corrections please contact me.

January 2013

Murder for the Halibut – A Clueless Cook Mystery #3 – Liz Lipperman
What a Ghoul Wants – Ghost Hunters #6 – Victoria Laurie
Crimson Frost – Jennifer Estep
The Archived – Victoria Schwabb
Malice in Wonderland – Dulcie Book #5 – H.P. Mallory
Blessed by a Demon’s Mark – E.S. Moore
House of Lies – Linda Rosencrance
Never Love a Lord – Heather Grothaus
Reckless Seduction – Jane Feather
Scrapped: A Cumberland Creek Mystery – Mollie Cox Bryan
A Passion for Him – Sylva Day
Easter Bunny Murder – Lucy Stone #19 – Leslie Meier
Othermoon – Nina Berry
The Importance of Being Wicked – Victoria Alexander
That Night on Thistle Lane – Carla Neggers
Revenge of the Crafty Corpse – Anastasia Pollack #3 – Lois Winston
The Llama of Death – Gunn Zoo #3 – Betty Webb
Between – Kerry Shafer
The Alpine Xanadu – Emma Lord #24 – Mary Daheim
Shattered Souls – Delilah Devlin
Grounds to Kill – Wendy Roberts *
Haunted Moon – Otherworld #13 – Yasmine Galenorn *

February 2013

Haunted Moon – Otherworld #13 – Yasmine Galenorn
Etiquette & Espionage – The Finishing School #1 – Gail Carriger
The Resurrectionist – Devyn Quinn (possibly sooner)
House Rules – Chicagoland Vampires #7 – Chloe Neill
Cat Trick – Magical Cats Mystery #3 – Sofie Kelly
All Natural Murder – A Blossom Valley Mystery – Staci McLaughlin
Slow Death – Jim Fielder
Under the Gun – Underworld Detective Chronicles #3 – Hannah Jayne
Lady of Ashes – Christine Trent
Moonglow – The Darkborn Legacy – Michael Griffo
Murder at Fenway Park – Troy Soos
One Night With a Cowboy – Oklahoma Nights Romance – Cat Johnson
Red Velvet Cupcake Murder – Joanne Fluke
The Indigo Spell – Bloodline’s #3 – Richelle Mead
Buried in a Bog – County Cork Mystery #1 – Sheila Connolly
The Midnight Spell – Rhiannon Frater and Kody Boye
Every Trick in the Book – A Novel Idea Mystery – Lucy Arlington
Out of Circulation – Cat in the Stacks – Miranda James
One Hot Murder – A Victoria Square Mystery – Lorraine Bartlett
To Brie or Not to Brie – Cheese Shop Mystery – Avery Aames
Antique Discovery – Alison Trent Mystery #3 – Eileen Harris *
Veiled Revenge – Ellen Byerrum *
Chance of a Ghost – Haunted Guest House #4 – E.J. Copperman *
Town in a Pumpkin Bash – B.B. Haywood *
Oodles of Poodles – Linda O. Johnston *
All Natural Murder – Staci McLaughlin *
Bonnie of Evidence – Maddy Hunter *
Veiled Threat – Alice Loweecey *
A Plain Scandal – Amanda Flowers *

March 2013

Trouble in the Tarot – Fortune Teller Mystery #3 – Kari Lee Townsend
Bowled Over – Vintage Kitchen Mystery #2 – Victoria Hamilton
Frost Burned – Mercy Thompson #7 – Patricia Briggs
The Collector – A Dante Walker Novel – Victoria Scott
Undead and Underwater – MaryJanice Davidson
Real Vampires Know Hips Happen – Real Vampires #9 – Gerry Bartlett
The Christie Curse – Mystery Book Collector # 1 – Victoria Abbott
Blood and Magic – James R. Tuck
The Chosen – Book 3 of The Legend Chronicles – Theresa Meyers
Cats and Daughters: They Don’t Always Come When Called – Helen Brown
Killer Honeymoon – G.A. McKevett
Murder at Ebbet’s Field – Troy Soos
The Cherry Cola Book Club – Ashton Lee
Kitty Rocks the House – Carrie Vaughn
Hammer of Angels – Shadowstorm #2 – G.T. Almasi
Deadly Sting – Elemental Assassin #8 – Jennifer Estep
The Corpse With the Golden Nose – Cait Morgan Mystery #2 – Cathy Ace
Lucky Stiff – Mattie Winston Mystery #4 – Annelise Ryan
The Phoenix Girls – Book 1: The Conjuring Glass – Brian Knight
Peach Pies and Alibis – A Charmed Pie Shoppe Mystery – Ellery Adams
Assaulted Pretzel – An Amish Mystery – Laura Bradford
Dead Suite – Wendy Roberts *
Wave Goodbye – Lila Dare *
Bowled Over – Victoria Hamilton *
Nickeled and Dimed to Death – Denise Swanson *
Killer Honeymoon – G. A. McKevett *
Legacy of the Clockwork Key – Kristin Bailey *

April 2013

Honey Pie – Cupcake Club #4 – Donna Kauffman
Parrots Prove Deadly – A Pru Marlow Mystery – Clea Simon
Chihuahua Confidential – A Barking Detective Mystery – Waverly Curtis
If He’s Tempted – The Sherlockes – Hannah Howell
The Killer Clown – Terry Sullivan with Peter T. Malken
Sinner’s Heart – The Hellraisers – Zoe Archer
Strong and Sexy – The Sky High Series – Jill Shalvis
Oak and Dagger – White House Gardener Mystery – Dorothy St. James
Bronze Gods – An Apparatus Infernem Novel #1 – A.A. Aguirre
The Good, the Bad, and the Witchy – Wishcraft Mystery #3 – Heather Blake
The Darkling – R.B. Chesterton (Carolyn Haines)
Falling Blind – The Sentinel Wars – Shannon K. Butcher
One For the Wicked – A Dark Mission Novel – Karina Cooper
Going, Going, Ganache – A Cupcake Bakery Mystery – Jenn McKinlay
That Old Flame of Mine – A Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade Mystery – J.J. Cook
Malled to Death – A Mall Cop Mystery – Laura Disilverio
Curse of the PTA – Laura Alden *
Widow’s Tears – Susan Wittig Albert *
A Broth of Betrayal – Connie Archer *
The Good, the Bad, and the Witchy – Heather Blake *
Dark Triumph – Robin LaFevers *

May 2013

Touch of the Angel – Rosalie Lario
Dead Ever After – Last Sookie Book – Charlaine Harris
Killer in Crinolines – Consignment Shop #2 – Duffy Brown
Tempest Reborn – Jane True – Nicole Peeler
The Cat, the Mill, and the Murder – A Cats in Trouble Mystery – Leann Sweeney
Twice Tempted – A Night Prince Novel – Jeanine Frost
Fall of Night – Morganville Vampire Novel – Rachel Caine
Smarty Bones – Carolyn Haines
The League of the Black Swan – Alyssa Day
Frost Burned – Patricia Briggs
Topped Chef – Third book in series – Lucy Burdette
Alien in the House – Gini Koch
Board Stiff – A Dead End Job Mystery – Elaine Viets
Heard it Through the Grapevine – A Dead Sister Talking Mystery – Lizbeth Lipperman
Brush With Death – Karen MacInerney *
Hex on the Ex – Book #3 – Rochelle Staab *
Picture Perfect Corpse – Joanna Campbell Slan *
Drop Dead Beauty – Wendy Roberts *
Loki’s Wolves – K.L. Armstrong & M.A. Marr *
Binding the Shadows – Jenn Bennett *

June 2013

Hungry Like A Wolf – A Novel of the Others – Christine Warren
Death, Taxes, and Hot Pink Leg Warmers – A Tara Holloway Mystery – Diane Kelley
Fatal Descent – An RM Outdoor Adventure Mystery – Beth Groundwater
The Diva Frosts a Cupcake – Domestic Diva Mystery – Krista Davis
Steamed to Death – A Gourmet De-lite Mystery – Peg Cochran
A Hot Time in the Old Town – Lorraine Bartlett *
Thread and Buried – Janet Bolin *
A Cookbook Conspiracy – Kate Carlisle *
Monument to the Dead – Sheila Connolly *
Shapeshifted – Cassie Alexander *

July 2013

Night Vision – Indigo Court #4 – Yasmine Galenorn
Deadly Forcast – Abby #11 – Victoria Laurie
Cold Copper – The Age of Steam – Devon Monk
Magic Rises – Ilona Andrews
Yarn to Go – A Yarn Retreat Mystery – Betty Hechtman
Grace Takes Off – A Manor House Mystery – Julie Hyzy
Not the Killing Type – A Booktown Mystery – Lorna Barrett
Laced With Poison – A Sweet Nothings Mystery – Meg London
Rubbed Out – Riley Adams *
Tarnished and Torn – Juliet Blackwell *
Tulle Death Do Us Part – Annette Blair *
A Custom-Fit Crime – Melissa Bourbon *
Final Sentence – Daryl Wood Gerber *
Death of a Coupon Clipper – Lee Hollis *
One Dead Cookie – Victoria Lowell *
Dyeing Wishes – Molly MacRae *
The Hen of the Baskervilles – Donna Andrews *

August 2013

Seed No Evil – Kate Collins
Biting Bad – Chicagoland #8 – Chloe Neill
Death al Dente – The Food Lover’s Village Mystery #1- Leslie Budewitz
Remnants of a Murder – A Southern Sewing Circle Mystery – Elizabeth Lynn Casey *
Cloche and Dagger – A Hat Shop Mystery – Jenn Mckinlay
Little Black Book of Murder – Blackbird Sisters Mystery – Nancy Martin
Cover Story – An Ashton Corners Mystery – Erika Chase
Seed No Evil – A Flower Shop Mystery – Kate Collins
Cross Stitch Before Dying – An Embroidery Mystery – Amanda Lee
Poisoned Politics – A Molly Malone Mystery – Maggie Sefton
From Herring to Eternity – Delia Rosen
If Bread Could Rise to the Occasion – Paige Shelton
Death al Dente – Food Lovers Village #1 – Leslie Ann Bedewitz
Midnight Frost – Mythos Academy #5 – Jennifer Estep *

September 2013

Gone With the Woof – Laurien Berenson
The Cakes of Wrath – A Piece of Cake Mystery – Jacklyn Brady
Going Through the Notions – A Deadly Notions Mystery – Cate Price
Silent Knife – Celebration Bay Mystery #2 – Shelley Freydont
Murder Plain and Simple – An Amish Quilt Shop Mystery – Isabella Alan
Bran New Death – A Merry Muffin Mystery – Victoria Hamilton
Murder of a Stacked Librarian – A Scumble River Mystery – Denise Swanson
Momma Gets Trashed – Deborah Sharp *
Skating Uphill – Joelle Charbonneau *
Heart of Venom – Elemental Assassin #9 – Jennifer Estep *

October 2013

Chicken Caccia-Killer – A Clueless Cook Mystery #4 – Liz Lipperman
Call of the Siren – Rosalie Lario
Poisoned Prose – Books by the Bay Mystery – Ellery Adams
Charms and Chocolate Chips – A Magical Bakery Mystery – Bailey Cates
Billionaire Blend – A Coffee House Mystery – Cleo Coyle
Accused – A Rosatto & Associates Mystery – Lisa Scottoline
Spanish Moss – Malice, and Murder – Sara Rosette
Final Catcall – A Magical Cats Mystery – Sofie Kelley
The Chocolate Book Bandit – A Chocoholic Mystery – JoAnna Carl
Afoot on St. Croix – A Mystery in the Islands novel – Rebecca M. Hale

November 2013

Autumn Whispers – Otherworld #14 – Yasmine Galenorn
Curtsies & Conspiracies – The Finishing School Book 2 – Gail Carriger

December 2013

Real Vampires Know Size Matters – Real Vampires #10 – Gerry Bartlett
Untitled – DIY #7 Mystery – Jennie Bentley
Sweeper: Die Once More – Book 1 Romantic Suspense – Liz Lipperman *

Sometime in 2013

The Hanged Man – On Her Majesty’s Psychic Service #1 – P.N. Elrod
Beewitched – Hanna Reed
Quick Fix – In a Fix #2 – Linda Grimes
Vampires, Bones, and Treacle Scones – Liss MacCrimmon Mystery – Kaitlyn Dunnett

February 2014

Crimson Veil – Otherworld #15 – Yasmine Galenorn

March 2014

Prudence – The Parasol Protectorate Abroad #1 – Gail Carriger

April 2014

Ghost of a Gamble – Granny Apple #4 – Sue Ann Jaffarian

May 2014
Jail House Crock – Dead Sister Talking #2 – Liz Lipperman *

July 2014

Night’s End – Indigo Court #5 – Yasmine Galenorn


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I  still have no power or heat, will pull the winning name as soon as power is restored, Sorry for the delay





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What’s in YOUR Mailbox? Jan. 20, 2012

I got a lovely package in the mail today from the publisher.  Not only the books I requested but a coupe of extras.


Tangled (Torn Trilogy #2)  By Erica O’Rourke

Published by Kensington K teen  Release Date January 31, 2012



The Gilder By Kathryn Kay

Published By Kensington Release Date January 2012



His Dark Bond (Fallen Book 2) By Anne Marsh

Published By Brava Paranormal Romance  Release Date January 31, 2012




A Catered St. Patrick’s Day By Isis Crawford

Published By Kensington  Release Date February 1, 2012


I’ll be posting my reviews as I finish them and hope you’ll all stop by to read my reviews and leave comments, likes, or even just Follow Me by one of the options posted on the sidebar.












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