My Review of The Missing Dough by Chris Cavener

I’m reposting this review because Kensington will be re-releasing it in paperback editions. I loved this author’s work the first time around and still enjoy it today.

The Missing DoughMissing Dough
By: Chris Cavender
Copyright: January 2015
Publisher: Kensington

Maddy’s ex-husband, Grant Whitmore, has come back to Timber Ridge, North Carolina claiming he wants to patch things up. It’s soon evident that he has another motive altogether—Grant’s late mother left Maddy something in her will. Maddy refuses to sign the quitclaim that Grant brought with him, despite his threats. But Grant won’t be threatening anyone much longer, for later that night, his body is discovered near the Founder’s Day festival.

Matters are complicated even further when Grant’s sister shows up, accusing Maddy and her fiance of having a part in the murder. As Eleanor and Maddy investigate, they find a great many people who might want to see Grant dead. But can they unearth the culprit before false accusations burn their reputations to a crisp?

My review:
Just when you think you can enjoy a quiet evening out with your sister and the guys the fly in the ointment appears. Maddy’s ex shows up to cause trouble. Supposedly he claims he wants her back, but she puts an end to that quickly. Grant then informs her that his mother had died and that Maddy was named in the will. He tries to get her to sign a quitclaim and she again tells him to take a hike. But that’s not the end of the trouble when he shows up dead and Eleanor and Maddy have to find the real killer to keep their boyfriends out of jail.
Next layer of aggravation for the girls is the appearance of Maddy’s ex sister in law who accuses Maddy and her fiancé of her brother’s murder. Mix in another layer which includes gangsters and threats and you have the most outrageous and interesting story yet in the Pizza Lovers Mystery series.
I highly recommend this book and all the previous ones as a great series to follow and own.
FTC Full Disclosure: I received my copy of this book from the publishers who only requested a fair and impartial review.

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