New Releases for December 2014 and an Apology

Here is my list of new titles coming out this month…. as always it is multi-genre.

I’d also like to apologize for the lack of reviews on this site lately.  I’m finding that as soon as I finish a book and place it on my desk to review, I forget what the book was about.  Like when you get up to get something from another room, only to find when you get there you no longer remember why you came in that room.  I’m working at it though and hope to start putting out reviews again shortly.

Thank you for your patience.


December 2014

Week of Dec. 1st.

City of Eternal Night – Crescent City #2 – Kristen Painter
Once Upon a Grind – A Coffee House Mystery – Cleo Coyle
Scorched Eggs – A Cackleberry Club Mystery – Laura Childs
Keeper of the Castle – A Haunted Home Renovation Mystery – Juliet Blackwell
Meow if it’s Murder – A Nick and Nora Mystery – T.C. LoTempio
The Ghost and Mrs. Mewer – Pet Hotel Mystery Series #2 – Krista Davis
Inspector Spector – A Haunted Guesthouse Mystery – E.J. Copperman
Death with All the Trimmings – A Key West Food Critic Mystery – Lucy Burdette
Aground on St. Thomas – Mystery in the Islands #3 – Rebecca M. Hale
Murder, Served Simply – An Amish Quilt Shop Mystery – Isabella Alan
Geared for the Grave – A Cycle Path Mystery #1 – Duffy Brown
Spell Booked – Retired Witches Mystery #1- Joyce and Jim Lavene
If You’ve Got it, Haunt It – Haunted Vintage Mystery Series #1 – Rose Pressey
Keeper of the Castle – A Haunted Home Repair Mystery – Juliet Blackwell
Wickedly Wonderful – Baba Yaga #2 – Deborah Blake
Bittersweet Melody – Belinda Boring
Shadow of Doubt – Carol Childs Mystery #1 – Nancy Cole Silverman *
Universal Alien – Gini Koch
Tagged for Death – A Sarah Winston Garage Sale Mystery #1 (e-version) – Sherry Harris *
Love me Tender – A Caribou Crossing Romance # 5 – Susan Fox *
The Chihuahua Always Sniffs Twice – Barking Detective #6 5 – Waverly Curtis *
The PMS Murder – A Jaine Austen Mystery – Laura Levine *
Suspicion at Seven – A Lois Meade Mystery – Ann Purser *

Week of Dec. 7th.

Week of Dec. 14th.

Reverent – Demonica #11 – Larissa Ione *
Kill Em with Cayenne – Spice Shop Mystery #2 – Gail Oust *

Week of Dec. 21st.

Week of Dec. 28h.

One Witch is Not Enough – Retired Witch’s Spell Book Mystery #1 – J.& J. Lavene
Universal Alien – Alien #10 – Gini Koch
Keeper of the Castle – A Haunted Home Repair Mystery – Juliet Blackwell *
Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire – Love at Stake #16 – Kerrelyn Sparks *
Low Midnight – A Kitty Norville Novel – Carrie Vaughn *
Meet Your Baker – A Bakeshop Mystery – Ellie Alexander *
Murder at the Book Group – Maggie King *
Broken Bonds – A Cold Creek Mystery – Karen Harper *
Paw and Order – A Paw Enforcement Novel – Diane Kelly *
Eyes Only – The Sisterhood #24 – Fern Michaels *

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One response to “New Releases for December 2014 and an Apology

  1. Ellen Rappaport

    Thank you for your honesty about being a bit forgetful. It’s happened to me more than once. that’s why I try to get my review out ASAP.