Third Time’s a Charm is a Most Charming Read

Third Time's a CharmThird Time’s a Charm

By Rose Pressey

Copyright: September 2013

Publisher: CreateSpace

Halloween LaVeau is the new leader of the Underworld, but before the ink’s dry on her business cards, a mysterious man appears, claiming the title belongs to him. Giovanni St. Clair declares he has proof that he’s the true owner of the Book of Mystics, and therefore, the leader of the Underworld.

Halloween has reason to believe that Giovanni’s motives are nothing but sinister. Not only must she defend her status as the witch in charge, but Halloween has to protect the world from a coven she inadvertently reanimates.

Sexy brothers, Liam Rankin and Nicolas Marcos, band together to help Halloween discover the stranger’s true intentions and attempt to cast the reanimated coven back to the grave where they belong.

Hallie just keeps getting in more and more trouble. How it finds her I’ll never know. Hopefully one day she’ll get a handle on her powers now that she’s the Leader of the Underworld.  Having just gotten out of one jam, Hallie is accosted by a strange man who declares that he is the real leader of the underworld and she’d better hand over the Book of Mystics or else.

Knowing that there’s no way this can be true Hallie tells him to leave her alone and heads back to her house.  In her own inimitable way Hallie decides to find a spell in the book to help her find out the truth of the matter.  As usual something goes wrong and she brings back part of the 1980’s coven from her town.  This will lead to headaches, aggravation, and more problems than ever.  Thankfully she has best friend and her protector to keep her safe.

There ensues a series of adventures you’ll just have to read to believe.  I love the series and can’t wait for book 4 to make its appearance.

FTC Full Disclosure: I bought my paperback copy from Amazon.


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