Lee Hollis Has a Sure Winner in Death of a Coupon Clipper

Death of a Coupon ClipperDeath of a Coupon Clipper

By: Lee Hollis

Copyright: July 2013

Publisher: Kensington Mystery

From Publisher’s Blurb

Hayley Powell, food and cocktails columnist for Bar Harbor’s Island Times, is. . .well, kind of broke. So when she’s selected for that extreme coupon-clipping reality game show coming to town. . .. . . she’s thrilled, especially when her competition is nasty nurse Candace Culpepper. But when Haley stumbles across a face-down-in-the-snow Candace–scissors gleaming between her shoulders–she knows the next thing she’ll be selected for will probably be a police line-up.

Meanwhile, though Hayley’s BFF Mona was only joking about “taking Candace out,” Bruce Linney, the Island Times crime reporter, definitely isn’t laughing. And what about the smarmy, cold-hearted host of the show, Drew Nickerson, who may have been having a steamy affair with the intentionally-iced nurse? Hayley needs to cut to the chase and find the killer. Everything may hinge on a stray coupon, but Hayley better keep her eyes on the real grand prize: staying out of permanent cold storage! 


People say that having bad luck is better than no luck at all. Right now Hayley is not too sure about that.  After an interesting day at the paper (her boss Sal’s wife is away and he’s incapable of caring for himself) she drives herself home carefully taking care on the icy roads.  Upon arriving home she pulls into her garage and steps out of the car and was about to step into the house when she heard this awful sound, creaking and groaning. She looked up to see her garage rood starting to buckle.  She barely makes it to safety when the roof collapses totaling her car.

Continuing in this vein Hayley goes into the house only to find that her ancient heating system has given up the ghost. After spending the night in the cold she called her go to guy who gave her the estimate on replacing the old boiler and she nearly has a heart attack. No way can she afford this or the repair to the garage. She needs to find a way to get money fast.  Needing some shopping therapy she visits the supermarket and overhears a conversation about an upcoming reality game show being taped in town. Of course it was her lifelong enemy who she overhears as she pretends not to have heard anything.

Hayley moves in with her brother temporarily and signs up for the contest, little knowing that her biggest competitor is about to be “clipped” not only from the competition but this world. 

Want to know more? Beg, borrow, or steal a copy of Death of a Coupon Clipper and spend an afternoon enjoying a great story.

About the author: (from the publisher’s site)

Lee Hollis is the pen name for a brother and sister writing team. Rick Copp is a veteran film and television writer/producer and also the author of two other mystery novel series. He lives in Palm Springs, California. Holly Simason is an award winning food and cocktails columnist for the Mount Desert Islander newspaper in Bar Harbor, Maine, where she resides.

FTC FULL DISCLOSURE: I received an  ARC of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and impartial review.

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