Antiques Chop is a Humorous Romp

Antiques ChopAntiques Chop

By: Barbara Allan

Copyright: May 2013

Publisher: Kensington Books

The quaint Midwestern town of Serenity is about to hit the small screen. Brandy Borne and her dramatically ditzy mother, Vivian, will be starring in Antique Sleuths, a reality TV show based on the duo’s antiquarian adventures–and their troubling talent for solving deadly crimes. What better shooting set than a creepy old house, the site of a 60-year-old unsolved axe murder?

The location is perfect until Bruce Spring, the show’s producer, meets a fatal axe-ident, mortally mauled just like the home’s previous owner. The first suspect on the chopping block seems typecast for the role of killer–he was found at the scene of the attack, clutching a stained axe. But as Brandy and Vivian chop around for clues, plenty of other suspects stick out their necks…

It seems the show’s cameraman clashed with Bruce–could he be the culprit? What about the acrimony between Andrew, the harried homeowner, and Bruce, whose dirt-digging documentary all but accused Andrew of the original unsolved crime? And who’s driving that blood-red Toyota that keeps making unscripted cameo appearances? If Brandy and Vivian are going to get to the bottom of this mystery, they’ll have to be extra careful not to wind up on the cutting room floor–in pieces!

No matter how hard she tries, Brandy just can’t seem to divorce herself from her mother’s escapades.  This time out even her son pleads with her to join in.  It started out when her ex-husband Roger showed up looking for his runaway son, he was wealthy enough to worry that it might have been an abduction for ransom.

Brandy explains to Roger that she’d spoken to Jake about her recently finding out who her real parents were and that Jake might be having a problem processing it. Jake just needed to talk to his grandmother and came to visit without benefit of his father’s permission.

So Jake gets to stay for a few days, and Vivian drags the two of them into a new scheme… a reality tv show about Antiques and the buying and selling of them.  Murder happens, possible revenge, possible long held hatred and much more… Ya gotta read the book to find out the rest of the story.

I love the series, especially where Brandy and Vivian are posting possible chapters for their next book.  This is a series that will have you rolling in your seat, falling down laughing.

FTC Full Disclosure: I received this ARC from the publisher who requested a fair and impartial review.


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  1. Nancy Roessner

    I like this series a lot, too. Thanks for the review!

  2. I havent read this series yet, ..this book sounds a little bit like “Antique Road Show” ( one of my favorite shows! )
    Thanks for the review!
    Im a new email and Bloglovin follower. =)