Parrots Prove Deadly is Clea Simon’s Best Mystery to Date

Parrots Prove DeadlyParrots Prove Deadly

By: Clea Simon

Copyright: April 2013

Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press

Parrots will repeat anything – they don’t talk sense. Or do they?

When Pru Marlowe is called in to retrain a foul-mouthed African gray after its owner’s death, the bad-girl animal psychic can’t help hearing the bird’s words as a replay of a murder scene. But the doctor on call scoffs at the idea, and the heirs just want their late mother’s pet to quit cursing.

With the only other possible witnesses being an evasive aide, the blind neighbor, and a single-minded service dog, Pru is stuck with what may be a feather-brained theory. Even her crotchety tabby Wallis doesn’t buy it, although she’s more than willing to “interrogate” the big bird, as Pru deals with drugs, jealousy, and a potential rabies outbreak….

What do you think happens when you take one foul mouthed parrot, a service dog with issues, a neighbor who is a major yenta, and a dead woman’s daughter who appears to be slightly OCD?  You get Pru’s latest adventure in murder.

It all began with an early morning of Sept. 3rd. when Polly Larkin AKA “room 203” was found dead on the floor of her room.  Pru checked her messages and found a mail from a woman “I need your help, it’s or death”.   Pru was being asked to retrain a foul mouth parrot into one more kid friendly so that Mrs. Larking’s son could bring him home to his house.

I could write a page or so of my thoughts of each chapter, but I won’t! I’m not that talented or I’d have my own books on the market. (insert laugh)  As the story progresses, Pru meets the aid, the neighbor and her support dog.  She also gets to find out how creepy the director of the Nursing home is.  As her questions pile up along with the body count… It’s a race to find out how Polly died, who done it, and why so many people not involved with the home are interested.

Clea Simon is one hell of a talented writer and never fails to keep my interested in her books.  She is the author of three mystery series. The Theda Krakow Mysteries, The Pru Marlowe Pet Noir, and the Dulcie Schwartz Mysteries.   Each one a mystery which will entertain you and keep you involved till the last page.

FTC Full Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the publisher who  only requested a fair and impartial review.


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  1. What a fun looking book! Thanks for posting a review.

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