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The Lucky Winner is Nancy H. B.  she has been sent an e-mail and has 48 hours to reply with her snail mail addie. I also have a surprise bonus gift for her. Phyllis has graciously offered to send her a signed bookplate to place inside the book.

Thank you to all that entered the contest and I hope you’ll keep watching for my next giveaway, or just stop by to catch my next review.








Highball Exit

By Phyllis Smallman

Copyright October 2012

Publisher: Touchwood Mystery

Sherri Travis is three months behind on her mortgage and it will be last call for the Sunset Bar and Grill if she doesn’t come up with some cash. So when Aunt Kay offers to pay Sherri to ask a few questions about Holly Mitchell’s death, it sounds like easy money. But it quickly descends into a dangerous world of drugs, sex workers, and perversion. Did Holly really take the highball exit, or was she murdered? And what happened to her baby?

Set in small beach towns along the western coast of Florida, the Sherri Travis Mysteries follow Sherri Travis, a bartender and ordinary woman caught up in extraordinary situations. A traditional mystery series serving Jack Daniels instead of tea, the stories walk the line between mystery and suspense and include a delicious mix of cocktails, beaches, and murder. In a place where the very rich live next door to the very poor, where tourists come and go, and where newcomers reinvent themselves, all good stories begin with “One night in a bar . . .” Highball Exit is the fifth book in the series.

 This was truly the most terrifying Sherri story to date. It held me spellbound all day until now at 3:01 am Brooklyn time. I have finally read the last two words “THE END” and I can finally drag myself off to bed.Poor Sherri is dragged into the hunt for a missing young woman, and the only reason she let herself get pulled in was MONEY.  It all started on a quiet Sunday morning when a police car pulled into her driveway and her “Aunt Kay” pulled herself out of the back seat.  Kay is not a relative. She was her after school sitter, baby sitter, and when she was older, a safe haven from her hellish life at home.Sherri tried to turn her aunt down but the lure of the money (the three months back mortgage payment) was too much.  This began the adventure and case from hell.
FTC Full Disclosure: I received a copy of the book from the publisher who only hopes for a fair and impartial review.CONTEST

Somehow the publisher sent me TWO copies of Highball Express, and I decided to hold this giveaway for one lucky commentor.

Tell us why you want to win “Highball Exit”. You must leave a valid e-mail address in the comment box with your comment (it would also be nice if you became a follower of my site but it’s not necessary to enter).  Please break it up using (at) and (dot), like domain (at) host (dot) com.  This is only open to US & Canadian mailing addresses—sorry, no international entries this time!  Contest ends on Friday November 2 at 4 pm EST.  Winner will be notified by e-mail and has 2 days to respond.  The book will be shipped directly from the publisher. The winner will be chosen by using to make things fair.


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9 responses to “Review and Giveaway – Highball Exit by Phyllis Smallman

  1. Dru

    I read the first book, but see that I’m far behind. Thanks for the review.

  2. Elaine

    I enjoy this series and am looking forward to the new book.


  3. Nancy Hill Bradford

    Since I grew up on the West coast of Fl this sounds like a book for me!


  4. Judy

    I have followed Sherri from day one and have been anxiously awaiting the rest of the story or at least the next wild adventure.

  5. Carol Wong

    I am a new follower! I haven’t seen cozy before and still haven’t found a cozy that I didn’t like. Looking forward to e-mails from you.

  6. Carol M

    I haven’t read any of this series but after reading your review, I would like to. It sounds good!

  7. shirley nienkark

    Smallman’s books are always great

    boots9k at wowway dot com

  8. Lee Marstein

    sorry I was away and didn’t knew you were haveing a contest on one of your books. My hubby was haveing reconstructive surgery on the arteries in is left and right legs and we were in hospital at the time. Anyway from the reviews that I have read on your book good luck and I am still waiting to find a book store that carries it. I really don’t like shopping online so will have to wait for it to come out in the used book stores…………. Lots of goooooood luck and keep on writing love Sherri to death yours in friendship Lee