Tami Dane has Another Winner in “Blood of Innocence”

Blood of Innocence

By Tami Dane

Copyright June 2012

Publisher Kensington Urban Fantasy


Gifted profiler Sloan Skye joins the hunt for an elusive serial killer–and discovers a breed of criminal few know exists . . .

A cynic by nature, Sloan Skye wasn’t thrilled when she was assigned to the FBI’s Paranormal Behavioral Analysis Unit. But her doubts are slowly easing, especially when she sees that working on the fringe allows her to use some of her more unconventional tactics. Most of all, Sloan’s grateful her career is on track–because her love life, if you can even call it that, is in shambles.

Sloan is searching for a suspect who slays his female victims at night, and bizarrely drains their bodies of blood. Bad enough, but when Sloan learns what the killer is really after, she can barely sleep at night. When the suspect guns for someone very close to Sloan, it’s time to throw out the rules and face her deepest fears . . .


Sloan is not sure going to keep her lunch down at the new crime scene she and the team she’s summer interning with have been called to.  The victim (a woman) appears to have been exsanguinated and all her blood somehow removed without a drop of blood spatter at the scene.  .  All they have is a small puncture wound in the groin area.  On top of that the woman has been tucked back into her bed with the covers drawn up around her neck.

The team begins their own investigation of the crime scene, and the only thing Sloan can find is a hole in the window screen.  How the heck does someone or something enter and leave a room without leaving a single bit of evidence behind? As they are finishing up, JT the other summer intern voices an observation that stuns the group. “I think she was pregnant” causing Sloan to lose it, she races to the window, flings it open and loses her lunch into the garden below.

This is the second book in Tami Dane’s new Blood series.  Sloan Skye and the members of the FBI’s Supernatural Profiling Unit handle any case that has even a whiff of strange to it.  The characters are well founded and 3 dimensional both in their actions, and their backstories.   I highly recommend this to anyone who love a good CSI type story and a paranormal setting. This is an Urban Fantasy you can really sink your mind into.

FTC Full Disclosure: I received this book from the publisher who only asked for a fair and impartial review.


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