My Special Guest Host Today is Kari Lee Townsend.

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Psychic Sunshine Meadows makes a dark discovery in the woods…

After clearing her name as the prime suspect in a murder, Sunny Meadows hopes she can finally enjoy some serenity in the idyllic town of Divinity in upstate New York. She’d also like a second chance with Detective Mitch Stone. But when Mitch’s gorgeous ex-girlfriend Isabel Gonzales shows up, Sunny’s not sure she can compete. Then Isabel mysteriously disappears. When the police turn to Sunny for help, her visions lead to the discovery of Isabel’s corpse in the woods. Before she died, Isabel scrawled a message in the dirt implicating Mitch in her murder. Now Sunny must help the man she’s falling in love with as she sets out to find the real killer. But this time Sunny’s clairvoyant abilities might not save her—as what she doesn’t see can hurt her…

The Inspiration Behind Granny Gert


When a writer creates their characters, they draw upon inspiration from a variety of resources. Sometimes the inspiration comes from a TV personality. Other times the inspiration comes from a complete stranger they run across. Still other times the inspiration comes from people they actually know. And sometimes the inspiration comes from a dream or a vision in their head.

I’ve used all of those resources, but in book two Corpse in the Crystal Ball, I introduced a new character named Granny Gert. Granny Gert is based after my real life deceased Grandmother Gertrude. Everyone loved my grandmother and her orange pumpkin cookie jar with the foil-covered plate for a lid. She was the sweetest kindest woman I’ve ever known. My grandmother looked exactly like Granny Gert. Many aspects of her personality are the same, but some of the over-the-top quirky aspects are based after my mother Marion. Everyone says I act exactly like my mother J I figure by combing the two I am getting the best of both of them. Together they make such a fun likable character people would actually want to spend time with. It’s my way of immortalizing them both.

It can be tricky using real-life people, especially if they are still living. When paying tribute to someone, be careful to showcase the best of them and not offend anyone. Not to say that I haven’t ever gotten revenge on someone by making them the villain or killing them off. In that case, I simply changed the character’s name and silently chuckled. In all seriousness, most of my characters tend to be a combination of people I know, people I’ve seen, people I’ve read about, etc.

Granny Gert means so much to me that it’s a huge relief to see her so well received. In fact, it now has me wanting to add a new character in book four. My husband’s Grandma Tootsie. Her real name is Bernita but everyone calls her Toots, and for years I thought that was her real name. She’s ninety-seven, still lives alone, is sharp as can be, and is a total hoot who loves Lawrence Whelk. I’m thinking she and Granny Gert need to become friends. For me, slipping a bit of my real life into my books makes them special. So tell me, what kind of characters do you like best?

National Bestselling Author, RT Reader’s Choice Award & Agatha Nominee Kari Lee Townsend lives in Central New York with her very understanding husband, her three busy boys, and her oh-so-dramatic daughter, who keep her grounded and make everything she does worthwhile…not to mention provide her with loads of material for her books. Kari is a longtime lover of reading and writing, with a masters in English education, who spends her days trying to figure out whodunit. Funny how no one at home will confess any more than the characters in her mysteries!

Kari writes fun and exciting stories for any age, set in small towns, with mystical elements and quirky characters as Kari Lee Townsend. Kari also writes romantic comedies and women’s fiction with the same sense of humor and quirky characters as Kari Lee Harmon.

To find out more about Kari and all her books go to  or click on the links below:


Kari Lee Townsend (Website & Newsletter & Facebook & Twitter)

National Bestselling Author of The Fortune Teller Mysteries


Best Amateur Sleuth of 2011 RT Reviewers’ Choice Nominee

Best First Novel Agatha Award Nominee

CORPSE IN THE CRYSTAL BALL – June 2012 (preorder now)



DESTINY WEARS SPURS (by Kari Lee Harmon) (Kindle & Nook)

PROJECT PRODUCE (by Kari Lee Harmon) (Kindle & Nook)


Kari Lee is graciously offering one lucky blog reader a copy of Corpse in the Crystal Ball, and Kari Lee will send the winner a Signed Bookmark AND an autographed Bookplate to put in the book.  I’ll be picking the winner using

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22 responses to “My Special Guest Host Today is Kari Lee Townsend.

  1. Kari-
    I can not wait to read this. I loved Tempest in the Tealeaves and look forward to more of Sunny.
    Granny Gert sounds like she’ll fit right in there. Someone pointed out to me once I tend to name at least one of my characters after someone in my family.
    The only time I did it deliberately was I named three characters after three of my five brothers. I did it to see if they actually read my books. To this day they haven’t.
    Good luck with this book and with the series.

  2. Joy

    I am always looking for different authors to read and your book sounds really good.

  3. Lynn Demsky

    I can’t wait to meet Granny Gert!! Sounds like a most enjoyable good read!

  4. Love the idea of characters being a part of an author’s real life. I enjoy characters that are a bit crazy in how they live life.. I loved Tempest in the Tealeaves and know that I will love Corpse in the Crystal Ball.

  5. Kay

    Kari, I loved your first book & cannot wait to read this one! Love the cover pic too! That is so great that you used your grandmother as inspiration. My mom often told me stories of my great-granny, whom I never met 😦 But I’d have loved to have known her. She was a hoot from all the things my mom said. She also was a card reader & a Sunday school teacher! Mom told me of business men in the community who would come to have her read for them before making decisions in regards to their businesses.

    Wish I could have sat down with her & listened to her stories about life. My great-grandpa, her husband, was an old country doctor. The horse & buggy kind. My late mom often talked of him & her mom (my granny) going out to help him.

  6. Dru

    I can’t wait to read all about Granny Gert. I look forward to reading Corpse in the Crystal Ball.

  7. Awww thanks guys! You rock 🙂 I’m having so much fun with this series. Good luck to you all on winning a copy of the book.

  8. Teralee ElBasri

    Fascinating interview and looks like a great read! Thanks!

  9. Margaret Morse

    I’m looking reading to reading your series. I liked your comments about creating Granny Gert. When I modeled a character on a deceased friend, it gave me a good feeling, as if he were somehow still living on.

  10. Theresa Navarro

    I ordered Tempest in the Tea Leaves for my Kindle and hope to finish it this weekend.. Adding Corpse in the Crystal Ball to my TBR list. Congratulations on your success and I will recommend your books to all my friends. Keep ’em coming Kari!!

  11. Thanks guys. You’re the best. I just love Granny Gert. And I’m thrilled that people really like her. It means a lot, given who whe was in real life.

  12. Hey Kari, are you feeling the LOVE yet? It’s there for you to bask in.

  13. Fun post, Kari!! You write fun lively books that are so much fun to read. Don’t stop! Cassy

  14. Carol M

    This sounds like a great series. I love that you are using grandmothers in it! I’m the grandmother of 7 and 1 on the way! I’d love to read this!

  15. Penny Tuttle

    Loved hearing about Granny Gert and can’t wait to try your mysteries.

  16. Kari’s a pistol (we met at Crme Bake, with her co-conspirators), and she writes a cracking good mystery. Count me in for a chance at winning her next one!

  17. kiki

    Love it!!! Looks like Great book to read.

  18. Thanks Nora, and yeah, I’m feeling the love big-time!

  19. Stacie Amelotte

    I love knowing that Granny Gert is based off of your grandmother. My grandmother and I shared many adventures together over the years and I miss her terribly. It will be fun reading this series and enjoying the characters. This sounds like a great addition to the series and glad to hear there are more to come. Look forward to meeting Grandma Tootsie in the future. Beautiful cover too! Thank you for the giveaway! My fingers are crossed. 🙂

  20. Stacie Amelotte

    Oops, I forgot to leave my email.

  21. Misty

    Sounds great….