Sweet Stuff is a Tender Yet Funny Romance

Sweet Stuff

By Donna Kauffman

Copyright February 2012

Publishers Brava (Contemporary Romance)


Double Fudge…Toasted Coconut…Key Lime…Strawberry Cream…
Every bite is a mouthful of heaven.
And the women of the Cupcake Club are bringing their appetites …

Riley Brown never imagined she would find her bliss on Georgia’s quiet Sugarberry Island after years of Chicago’s city life. With a new career and fantastic new friends, she’s got it all—except for eligible men. But a gig staging a renovated beach house delivers a delicious treat—six feet of blue-eyed, gorgeous writer as delectable and Southern as pecan pie. Quinn Brannigan has come to Sugarberry to finish his latest novel in peace, and suddenly Riley has a taste for the bad boy author that no amount of mocha latte buttercream or lemon mousse will satisfy …

Riley’s friends are rooting for her to give in to her cravings and spice up her life, but it’s Quinn who needs to learn that life’s menu just might include love, in all its decadent, irresistible flavors…


Riley had loved her job in Chicago and it still hurt when she thought about leaving it to start over.  She found her way to Sugarberry Island and settled in there on a borrowed houseboat. She found an interesting new job staging homes and condos for sale on the surrounding islands and began to make friends and a new life.  The only thing missing was male companionship, and she isn’t sure that she’s ready to get back into that race.

While working on staging a lovely beach cottage for showing, Riles lets her eyes wander to the Jog Master 3000 she set up and decides that it can’t be that hard to try.  Looking at the control panel with all the buttons she steps up and presses a few.  As the machine starts rolling she starts walking slowly.  The pace starts to pick up until she is hanging onto the side rails for dear life, wondering how she’s going to get off this thing with her body intact. Although of course she is also dreaming about hunky EMT’s coming to her rescue.

She is now almost thirteen minutes into her torture and wondering where the deliverymen with the Steinway Piano she ordered are. She is also imagining herself being thrown from the job machine and sees the newspaper headlines in her mind “Riley Brown Found Dead! Sugarberry’s Premiere House Stager in High Speed Treadmill Incident!”

The doorbell chimes and she hopes it is the men who are delivering the piano she ordered for the house. It will add just the right touch of class, and hominess to the house.  Again the doorbell chimes and she starts to wonder why they aren’t coming in, Open House means open house. Just walk in and bring the piano. A deep voice with a Southern accent startles her as he says “I thought this was the house that is being leased. Riley looks up and sees handsome six foot plus, with shoulders and jawline and loses it as she is thrown violently off the treadmill and into her artfully arranged cluster of plants.

This is definitely the way to meet the world famous author Quinn Brannigan!.

This is the second book in the wonderfully funny and enjoyable Cupcake Club Romance books. I love the way the author brings what are essentially damaged souls to the island where they are healed and find happiness and love in this small town island setting. I truly hope that this series has a long and successful run.

FTC Full Disclosure: I received this book from the publisher who only asked for a fair and impartial review.


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  1. I just got this and Sweet Rush last evening. I bought it from reading your lists. Thanks!