A Place Called Home is Calling Out to You

A Place Called Home

By: Jo Goodman

Copyright December 2011

Publisher Zebra Contemporary Romance


When Thea Wyndham and Mitchell Baker learn they’ve been named joint guardians for their late friends’ three children, they’re little more than acquaintances. Barely polite acquaintances, at that. Something about Mitch’s forthright intensity has always left ad exec Thea feeling off-balance, while Mitch makes no secret of his disdain when Thea offers him financial assistance if he’ll take sole guardianship. Thea is far from heartless. She’s just plain terrified of her new parenting responsibilities. Both she and Mitch are romantically involved with other people. Yet the more time they spend together, the less certain she is of her loyalties. There are complications and mis-steps, tears and laughter – lots of it. And somehow, through it all, the dawning realization that the last place she thought she’d find herself could be just where she belongs.


What kind of co-parents and guardians do you get when you ask two friends who apparently don’t get along, are of the opposite gender, and happen to already in steady relationships? This is the situation that Thea Wyndham and Mitchell Baker find themselves in.  At the time they agreed to be guardians for their friends Gabe and Kathy, they never imagined that this vital married couple would die, together in a common accident, leaving behind two young children.

Mitch and Thea both have busy, separate lives.  Now they are forced to make concessions and work together to care for and raise two exceptionally smart kids and not kill each other while doing it.

Thea is engaged to an older man, with grown, married children, and no wish to be raising a new generation.  He wants to be able to say “Thea let’s take the plane and fly off for a weekend getaway”. Mitch is single with a girlfriend who is in no way interested in raising children at her age, she wants to work in her family’s real estate business, travel, party and have a good time.

With a room full of lawyers, and differing viewpoints, somehow they must work together and provide a safe and cherishing environment for eleven year old Emily and her twin brother Case. This will definitely be a battle of wits and patience.

I enjoyed this book on so many levels.  I grew up in a single parent house, my mother worked in the family business and I spent a lot of time on my own (a 1950’s latchkey kid).  Seeing how the twins react to the loss of both parents and being dropped into the home of their “Uncle” Mitch, is in a way similar to my mother’s remarrying and my being saddled with two very much younger step siblings.  It’s the getting used to new people, new family and a new home. The author did a fantastic job in painting this situation in words that will grab you and keep you reading till you reach the end of the story.

FTC Full Disclosure: I received this book from the publishers who only requested a fair and impartial review.


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