Kris Neri’s Magical Alienation is a Magical Success

Magical Alienation

By: Kris Neri

Copyright November 2011

Publisher: Red Coyote Press

When fake psychic Samantha Brennan heads to Sedona, Arizona, as the spiritual adviser of the aging bad boy of rock, Rand Riker — she never expects to uncover the most shocking secret the government has kept for the last sixty years: the truth about the being in the spaceship that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

But questions abound in Sedona in the days leading up to an awesome harmonic convergence, which sends Sedona’s mysterious energy off the charts. Such as why Rand defends the most reviled man in the country, militia guru Normal Frankly, accused to trying to kill Arizona’s charismatic senator, Kenny Campbell. Or why Kenny’s real definition of family values doesn’t jibe with what he claims in the photo ops. Even Samantha’s favorite partner in crime, goddess-in-hiding Special Agent Annabelle Haggerty of the FBI wrestles with the most destructive paradox of her life.

With gods and goddesses wielding unimaginable powers, and the shape shifting rock people twisting the very surface of the earth, as Sedona heads into the darkest night the planet has ever seen, Samantha wonders which, if any of them, will survive it. But she should know by now that when Celtic gods are involved, nothing is ever as it appears.

Samantha just had to get out of town, she needed a break from her current life in Los Angeles, and in particular from an unmentioned FBI Agent she knows.  She met aging rock star Rand Riker at a party and found herself working as his personal advisor.  She had reached the high life, or so she thought.  To paraphrase an old revered movie line, Monsters and Goddesses and Aliens, Oh My!

Having Special Agent Haggerty showing up on her doorstep to tell her she’s going to be working together again is NOT what Sam wants to hear.  It’s bad enough that Rand is going to give a Benefit Concert for the person accused of attempted murder of Senator Kenny Campbell. Now she’s supposed to work for the Feds also?  No Way.  She’s introduced to a cat named Mellencamp who is roaming around the courthouse… in fact the cat introduced himself.

If none of this seems to make any sense to you, and you’re wondering where this mystery all comes together. I strongly suggest that you buy, borrow or steal a copy of the book.  I’m giving it FIVE stars and a bullet point.  I can’t wait for Madam Samantha, and Haggerty’s next case to appear on the bookshelves of a store near you.

FTC Full Disclosure: I received this book at the request of the author who only hope for a fair and impartial review.


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