Angel Condemned is an Angelic Read

Angel Condemned

By: Mary Stanton

Copyright November 2011

Publisher Berkeley Prime Crime


Reluctantly agreeing to defend museum curator Prosper White, her Aunt Cissy’s fiancé in a case of fraud, Bree hopes to settle the matter out of court. When Prosper is murdered on the steps of the Frazier Museum, Bree discovers that Aunt Cissy is the only one who found her fiancé engaging.

Cissy is arrested for the crime, and to clear her aunt’s name, Bree must solve the mystery of the Cross of Justinian, an artifact of great interest to the multiple suspects who wanted Prosper dead. The Cross is also a crucial piece of evidence in Bree’s newest celestial case, a case that threatens her mortal family as well as her very existence.


Bree is definitely NOT a happy camper.  Her Aunt’s Fiancé (who is not liked by anyone in the family) is being sued and she is forced into defending him.  She finds herself also being contacted by a new celestial case which turns out to be connected to her mundane case and the hole she’s fallen into just keeps getting deeper and deeper.

While her celestial office staff and do their stuff, unless it directly affects the well being of Bree they can’t get involved in the mundane.  Guess what?  Bree’s  complete compliment of staff, plus walk ons will be coming across your pages.  Bree is going to be stretching herself to the limit in this case.  In fact this one case is going to be more trouble than all her other cases to date rolled into one.

It’s another roller coaster ride and a thoroughly enjoyable one at that.  I totally expect everyone to find this a great read, and a wonderful investment of your reading time.

FTC Full Disclosure: I borrowed this book from the Brooklyn Public Library System for the purposes of writing this review.


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  1. An excellent review and tells me just enough to want to read this book soon.