Devilishly HOT is Devilishly Funny!

Devilishly Hot

By: Kathy Love

Copyright: November 2011

Publisher: Brava Paranormal Romance


And you thought your job was hell. . .

Annie Lou Riddle had a plan: Move to New York City. Break into the fashion industry. Work her way to the top. Nowhere in that scenario did she expect to accidentally sell her soul in exchange for a job at Hot! Magazine. Oops.

Demons, it seems, aren’t big on letting mortals off the hook. Now Annie is stuck working as assistant/personal slave to Finola White—diva extraordinaire, and glamorous she-devil. Whatever Finola wants, she gets, and she wants Annie to match her up with Nick Rossi, the gorgeous detective investigating shady doings at Hot!

Frankly, Annie sees the appeal. Nick is effortlessly sexy, rugged, charming—and the one man Annie should definitely not be flirting with, or kissing, or. . . Oops. But some loves are too devilishly hot to resist. . .


Finola White, owner and chief editor of HOT! Is a bitch from Hell, LITERALLY!  Working with or for her is bad for your health and your soul.

Annie Lou Riddle didn’t know then when she got the call from Hot! Magazine.  She’s been hired to be the personal assistant to Finola White herself.  Signing a ten year contract, and now three years into it, she is doing her best to keep from forfeiting for any reason at all.  Her life is one long headache and nervousness.

Heading out to run errands for Finola one afternoon she literally runs into this major hunk of a guy who she thinks is probably a model or something.  Little did she know that this man (Detective Nick Rossi) was going to turn her life on its head and eventually change it in ways she never would have imagined.

Devilishly Hot is a Paranormal Romance with large chunks of humor tossed in for flavoring.  I read a short story which featured Finola in a novella recently and was totally blown away by the concept and the writing.  Kathy Love has a light touch on the humor and a heavy well written hand on the main story.

I highly recommend this book to lovers of the genre Romance in any of its forms.

FTC Full Disclosure: I received this book from the publisher who only asked for a fair and impartial review.


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  1. This book does sound funny! Might be great to read when you are having a rough week at work.