Kaitlyn Dunnett’s Latest Mystery is the Who Dunnit of the Year.


By: Kaitlyn Dunnett

Copyright November 2011

Publisher: Kensington


Hundreds of the most creative minds in murder are assembling in the tiny town of Moosetookalook, Maine—and before the final page is turned, one of them will be writing in the past tense. . .

Liss MacCrimmon, purveyor of all things plaid at the Moosetookalook Scottish Emporium, couldn’t be more pleased that her hometown is hosting the First Annual Maine-ly Cozy Con. The mystery book conference promises to attract plenty of popular authors, as well as new business for Moosetookalook’s unique local shops. And with her new fiancé Dan’s family-owned hotel filling with attendees, the outlook seems very bonnie indeed.

But soon, Liss and Dan discover just how far some authors take their research. When a muckraking reviewer with a grudge takes a swan dive off a scenic lookout, no one wants to believe it was homicide. After all, it’s one thing to dream up imaginary crimes—but to commit a real one takes motive, means, and extreme maliciousness.

The more Liss learns, the more she realizes just how many people are glad the deceased has written her final story. And with an entire conference brimming with potential suspects—from a famous actress-turned-bestselling author to her power-broker agent, and an overextended events coordinator with plenty to hide—it will take a killer instinct to figure out which writer belongs in the true crime section. . .before the murderer pens The End for another innocent victim. . .


This is by far the most complicated and interesting mystery that Liss MacCrimmon has been involved in.  She and her fiancé are working the case while trying to stay out of the way of Gordon Tandy (her ex boyfriend) who is the investigator in charge of this latest death. Being part of the State Police means his presence trumps all the local cops.

Things start out really simple for Liss. She has a table at the First Annual Maine-ly Cozy Con.  Granted, most people aren’t interested in Scottish books or clothing, but Liss thinks that she will make sales.  Besides, her best friend Nola has a table there also, selling books by the authors who are at this con.  The Conference is full of readers, fans and well known authors.

Finding out who done what to whom is going to bring real life mystery to this mystery gathering.

I love this series. It pulled me in the minute I started reading the first book (Kilt Dead). Ms. Dennett’s style of writing is entertaining and informative also.  I learned a lot about Scottish heritage and sports from these mysteries.  I highly recommend her to all lovers of mystery and good humor.


FTC Full Disclosure: I received this book from the publisher who only asked for a fair and impartial review.



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  1. Excellent review! I enjoy her books too. A Wee Christmas Homicide is listed on Amazon’s free ebooks right now!

  2. I love cozy mysteries. Thanks for the great review.