Frozen Stiff is Ms. Ryan’s best one yet!

Frozen Stiff

By: Annelise Ryan

Copyright: September 2011

Publisher: Kensington


Death is never pretty, and deputy coroner Mattie Winston’s latest case is no exception. But this victim certainly was strikingly beautiful. . .before someone stuck that knife into her chest.

Mattie knows everyone in the charmingly small town of Sorenson, Wisconsin, so the deceased is definitely a stranger from out of town. If a woman this attractive had moved into town, the news would have surely hit the gossip mill in record time. So what was the victim doing here, laid out in this desolate field?

Things only get murkier with the arrival at the scene of the usually stoic and dependable detective Steven Hurley; one look at the body and he turns as white as the newly fallen snow. . .and excuses himself from the case. It turns out the victim was a top investigative reporter from Chicago, and Hurley not only knew her. . . they dated a year and a half ago, until she broke it off. While Mattie grapples with her jealousy of a gorgeous dead woman, Hurley swears her to secrecy and tells her. . .that knife in his ex’s chest is his!

It’s a case with more twists than Maddie’s own crazy love life, and it’ll take all of her forensic skills to unravel the increasingly bizarre clues and find the killer. . .before she herself becomes just another cold case!


Mattie Winston’s job as a Deputy Coroner is an always changing challenge. This newest case has her outside of town in a snow covered field looking at the body of a murdered woman.  Neither she nor any of the responding police recognize the victim and are wondering how she ended up out there.

Then add to that the mystery of why Detective Steve Hurley takes one look at the body and leaves, sending in another detective to take over the case.  Hurley then puts himself on medical leave and poor Mattie is stuck dealing with Det. Bob Richmond, a retired cop who still gets called in when they need extra help.

Mattie’s skills, friendships and job are going to be on the line with this case. Can she handle all the problems that are going to jump in her face?  I’m a big fan of the Mattie Winston series. The characters always come off as three dimensional and real.  I have friends and family on the job here in NY, and can see some of them in the cops who show up in this story. Scary isn’t it?

FTC Full Disclosure: This book was sent to me by the publisher, hoping only for a fair and impartial review.


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