A Tasty New Culinary Mystery Series

Liver Let Die

By Liz Lipperman

Copyright October 2011

Publisher Berkeley Prime Crime


Jordan McAllister dreams of becoming a popular sports columnist, not a food critic. But she gets stuck in a po-dunk town writing personal ads for a small time newspaper. When she’s offered a chance to fill in for a local food critic off on sick leave, she jumps at the chance rationalizing that it’s one step closer to her dream. She’s convinced the weekly Kitchen Kupboard report will bring her closer to the coveted sports column…. As long as she doesn’t let on that she can’t cook herself out of a box of macaroni and cheese.

Her first assignment is reviewing the new steak house in town. But she never should have ordered that foir gras… or hidden it in her purse.  Back home she finds that she has ruined her friend’s beautiful handbag, but that’s nothing compared  to having the dead body of her waiter found underneath her apartment stairwell with her name and number along with it, she becomes the prime suspect, as well as the main course on the murder menu. Now Jordan is the prime suspect, as well as the main course on the murder menu….

Life has a way of screwing things up. Let’s start with a boyfriend who isn’t worth my time,  leaving a job to get away from him, finding a new job and a reasonable place to live.  Jordan’s new job isn’t exactly what she dreamed of, instead of writing about the local sports scene, she’s writing the personal ads for lonely people, Yuck!

While sitting at her desk composing her own personal ad as a way to vent her anguish at the way her life is going, Jordan is called into her boss’s office for a talk.  She hopes it is a transfer to the sports desk, but that is just not in the cards.  Mr. Egan (her boss) called her into his office to discuss offer her a temp position as the paper’s culinary reporter, writing a weekly column and reporting on the restaurant scene.  The column is called The Kitchen Kupboard.

Her first night out is at a new restaurant that had been closed due to the death of one of the partners.  Let’s face it, Jordan doesn’t know anything about being a critic or what to order. She doesn’t like beef and can’t cook her way out of a paper bag, and the restaurant is named “Longhorn Prime Rib”. Jordan does NOT eat beef, how the heck is she going to pull this off?  She introduces herself to the maitre d’ as being the food critic from the Ranchero Globe. After being seated at a table in the center of the restaurant her waiter J.T. introduces himself and there begins our tale of intrigue and murder.

Jordan will be forced to use all her wits, charm, and investigative skills to get her story and stay alive to see things to the end. No spoilers, no teases, no hints!

Liver Let Die is the first book in the new “Clueless Cook Mystery” series.  Liz Lipperman will have you scratching your head, pondering the whodunit and making you wish you were the type of person who cheated by reading the back of the book first.

Ms. Lipperman can be found at http://lizlipperman.com/ and  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Liz-Lipperman/118815801532949

FTC Full Disclosure: I received this book from the author who hoped I would choose to review it.


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  1. This sounds like a great start to a sreies that I hope will last a long time.