Another Sue Ann Jaffarian Hit!

Ghost in the Polka Dot Bikini

By Sue Ann Jaffarian

Copyright February 2011

Publisher Midnight Ink


Imagine spending eternity with your backside hanging out—that’s what Emma Whitecastle and Granny Apples can’t help but think when they meet the ghost of Tessa North frolicking in the surf off Catalina Island. Tessa, a young starlet who died on the island in the 1960s wearing nothing but a polka dot bikini, won’t cross over until Curtis comes for her. To help the winsome bikini-clad spirit, Emma and Granny must find out who Curtis is and how Tessa died. Their investigation takes them from the grit and glamor of Hollywood to Kennedy-era political intrigue—before hitting dangerously close to home.


Emma’s daughter Kelley has let her mom know that she isn’t coming home for Thanksgiving. She staying with friends in Connecticut for the Holiday Weekend. Emma’s parents are on a cruise, and Phil’s boys (who are a little older than Kelley) are staying with their mother for the holiday.  Sam decides that they need to get away, just the two of them and thinks a long weekend on Catalina Island is just the thing for them.

The problem of course is that Catalina is where Emma and her cheating ex husband spent a lot of time.  The memories are painful to her, so finding a place to stay that didn’t hurt was very difficult.  Emma and Phil finally agreed on the Hotel Metropole, after Phil told her that she couldn’t go through life avoiding every place she and her ex stayed when they were married.   He booked them into a mini suite with a lovely view of the ocean.  On a morning stroll, exploring the beachfront shops windows before the village of Avalon was fully awake, Emma sees the ghost of a young woman sitting on a tiled bench, her face turned towards the early morning sun as if it was high noon in July.

From this point on Emma, Granny Apples and the Ghost will be getting to know each other quite well as Emma, and Granny investigate how the young woman died, and why.  As the story continues from this point I had thoughts of Poirot and the Murder on the Orient Express.  Christie’s story keeps popping into my head the further I get into this Latest Ghost of Granny Apples Mystery.

I love the Ghost of Granny Apples Mystery series as much as I also love the Odelia Grey Mysteries and the Madison Rose Vampire Mysteries.  Let’s just say that Sue Ann’s books keep me intrigued and entertained extremely well.

FTC Full Disclosure: I bought this book from an online retailer with the full intention of sharing my thoughts in a review.



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3 responses to “Another Sue Ann Jaffarian Hit!

  1. Ellen Rappaport

    I truly enjoyed this book and greatly appreciate my newly found fave author Sue Ann Jaffarian.

  2. This is one book and author I haven’t heard of, but this sounds really good.

    • Sue Ann writes 3 different book series’
      1- Ghost of Granny Apples Mystery
      2 – The Odelia Gray Mystery Series
      3 – The Madison Rose Vampire Mystery Series.

      All different and unique, and all thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining.