Murder in Burnt Orange is Blazing Hot!

Murder in Burnt Orange

By Jeanne M. Dams

Copyright September 2011

Publisher Perseverance Press


Hilda Johansson, formerly a housemaid and now a lady, is pregnant with her first, longed-for child–but she’s miserable in the scorching Indiana summer heat in 1905. Since she’s making everyone else miserable as well, her family encourages her to look into some current local crimes to take mind off her discomfort. No one thinks she’ll actually be able to solve matters of labor unrest, arson, and train wrecking, especially since custom forbids her even leaving the house. But they reckon without Hilda’s quick mind and stubborn determination to see the job through–even when the crime wave turns into murder, and touches her nearest and dearest.


Hilda is not happy. In fact she hot, tired, restless, crabby, touchy, and making everyone in her house unhappy also.  Hilda is six months into her first pregnancy (and a/c hasn’t been invented yet) and just can’t sleep or get comfortable.  Her mother and her aunt Molly decide that what she needs is something to take her mind off her body and put her brain to use solving a mystery.

At first her husband is happy to go along with this since Hilda won’t be going out of the house, sticking her nose into things.  The plan is for her to do all the brain work and have her “Baker Street Irregulars” help her out.  Her mother and Aunt Molly also will keep their ears open for information that will help her solve this problem.

The “problem” is a series of train accidents that are unexplained and done purposely by person or persons unknown for purpose unknown at this time.  Innocent people have been hurt and killed. The reason the problem is brought to her attention is that members of the family travel on the trains to get back and forth from South Bend to Indianapolis.

We’re going to be involved with Unions, Union Busters, Gangsters, and Pinkertons. How will it all turn out you ask?  Well you’ll just have to read the book.

Jeanne M. Dams’ can be found at her website

FTC Full Disclosure: This book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes that I would review it.

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