The Cat, the Lady and Liar is a Great Read

The Cat, the Lady, and the Liar

By Leann Sweeney

Copyright April 2011

Publisher Obsidian Mystery


When cat quilter Jillian tracks down the owner of a gorgeous stray cat, the trail leads her to none other then fabulously wealthy, undeniably quirky Ritaestelle Longworth.  The gossips in town are questioning Ritaestelle’s sanity, and the high-society grande dame isn’t helping matters with her wild accusations that someone is drugging her to keep her away from her beloved cat.

Before Jillian can get to the bottom of Ritaestelle’s charges, a body turns up in the lake behind her house, and her cat Chablis discovers Ritaestelle standing nearby. Can Jillian’s three wise cats aid her in solving a mystery with roots that are decades old?  Jillian knows from experience that to find the purr-petrator, she’ll have to prick up her ears and follow the paw prints straight to a killer….


Jillian is a bit of a soft touch when it comes to animals, especially cats.  So when her friend Shawn asks for her help with a lovely long haired black cat names Isis she tells him she would take her in till Shawn can arrange her return to her owner.   Isis was saved from near certain death when she was found along a busy highway.  Unfortunately Isis does not get along with the other cats in the shelter Shawn runs (which is why she ended up with Jillian).

Jillian is going to find herself dragged into all the dirt and hidden feelings of Ritaestelle Longworth’s family.  She is will become deeply involved and have to deal with a murder and keep Ritaestelle out of trouble, proving to the town that she is not crazy or involved in the murders.

As the third book in Leann Sweeney’s “Cats in Trouble” series continues to thrill and entertain me. I find that her main character Jillian is becoming more 3-D with each outing.  I can just picture her in my mind as I enjoy the book.

Leann Sweeney is also the author of the Yellow Rose Mysteries and she can be found hanging out at

FTC Full Disclosure: I received this book as a gift from a friend and decided to share my thoughts on it.


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