Dorothy St. James’ new series is “Blooming” Fantastic

Flowerbed of State

By Dorothy St. James

Copyright May 2011

Publisher Berkeley Prime Crime


Casey’s passion for organic gardening and eye for detail have carried her into the most important patch of land in America-President’s Park, on which site the most important home in America: the White House.

But while she’s readying the final touches on an innovative cultivation program for the First Lady to inspect, she’s attacked from behind by an unknown assailant who then disappears. When she comes to, she notices some damaged foliage that leads her and the Secret Service to a dead woman in a trash can. 

With the biggest opportunity of her life ready to bloom, and all the President’s men plowing up her perfect plans, Casey has to dig in and root out a killer before she ends up planted herself…

Casey’s job as an assistant White House Gardener is everything she could wish for.  She’s even working with the First Lady to design a new garden area that will utilize the new no chemical fertilizer techniques.  Coming to work the day of her presentation she dressed in a suit to show a more professional appearance.  Wouldn’t you know that she spots some damaged foliage that “calls” to her for immediate attention.

And that is where she should have left well enough alone and just sent one of the workers to handle it.  While out there pulling at the offending plants she is attacked from behind and knocked out briefly. When she wakes up she finds herself being watched by a Secret Service member and then a dead body in a trash can.

This is the first book in Dorothy St. James’ new White House Gardener Mysteries and I’m thrilled with her main character Casey and the crew of associates that were designed as her co-workers and foils for each of her new ideas.  I’m looking forward to book two and beyond and think this is going to be a long running and very popular series.

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FTC Full Disclosure: This ARC was sent to me by the author in the hope that I would consider reviewing it.


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