Champagne for Buzzards is a Classic Winner

Champagne for Buzzards
By Phyllis Smallman
Copyright March 2011
Publisher MacArthur & Co.

With its seven-foot snakes and nasty horses, Florida ranch country can be as dangerous as the mean streets of any big city. Bartender Sherri Travis doesn’t do country. Temporarily holed up at her partner Clay Adams’ ranch, Sherri likes the country even less when she meets Clay Adams’ psychotic neighbors and finds a dead man in the back of her pickup.

The murder investigation takes a sinister turn when Sherri uncovers some shocking facts about the neighbors. With fairy lights dancing through the Spanish moss and violent men closing in, the surprise birthday party Sherri plans for Clay turns deadly. And while it isn’t the party Sherri hoped for, it’s a good one just the same.

Sherri’s life could not now or ever be considered an average everyday life. But she has finally reached a place where is fairly happy and content with what is going on around her. She and her dad, and Uncle Ziggy are temporally living out on Clay’s ranch while it’s being re-furnished for her and Clay’s living together. Finding her bright red truck surrounded by buzzards would make anyone a little upset, finding a dead body in the truck bed is enough to set her off on a mission to find out who killed the dead guy and why they put it in her truck.
Along with all this, Sherri is also putting together a large surprise party for Clay, keeping an eye on dad and uncle, and dealing with Laura Kemp. Laura is one of Clay’s ex girlfriends and also the decorator for the Ranch House. Once Sherri gets a look at Laura’s plans she explains rather pointedly to Laura that she wanted a house that felt comfortable to live in, and not a display place for some magazine.
Sherri Travis and her family and extended family are an amazing mix of characters. Sherri is a very well thought out character. Her life, attitudes, and lifestyle are portrayed in a way that makes you cheer her on no matter what the circumstances of her life are doing for her.

This was my first Travis Mystery and I was totally enthralled by the story. You can be sure I’ll be lining up with all the other fans of Sherri Travis to grab her next adventure.

Author Phyllis Smallman can be found hanging out at and also at!/profil…

FTC Full Disclosure: The author sent me a copy of this book only asking for a fair review.

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