Grace Interrupted and Julie Hyzy are a winning team

Grace Interrupted

By Julie Hyzy

Copyright June 2011

Publisher Berkeley Prime Crime

Civil War re-enactors have set up camp on the ground of Marshfield Manor.  The group is very believable, especially when the unrest spills out of the barracks and into the sumptuous mansion.  Grace manages to settle a minor squabble, but loses the war when actor Zachary Kincade is found stabbed to death.

Jack Embers, the groundskeeper, falls under suspicion when he’s linked to the death of Zachary’s brother years ago.  But there were others out for Zachary, actors who can be very convincing when the coveted role of “general” is on the line.  Grace feels responsible for finding the murderer…and for the sweet tuxedo kitten, Bootsie, found on her doorstep.  Can she come to the rescue of her friends without putting herself in danger’s way?

Grace’s day is not starting off well in this second book of the Manor Mystery Series.  Two of the security guards have “escorted” some guests to have a discussion with her.  It seems that the two women (guests at the Manor’s hotel) are there to cause trouble at the Civil War Re-enactment that will be taking place on the Manor grounds.  Upon meeting the cause of their problem (Mr. Zachary Kincade) she understands completely why they want to hurt him. The man is a throwback to the caveman attitudes of an earlier era.

When Kincade is found stabbed to death on the property it will be up to Grace and her staff, the local police, and a few of her friends to find the killer and clear Jack of all charges.  At the same time Grace has been adopted by a cute tuxedo kitten she’s named Bootsie. Bootsie showed up one rainy night and scared a couple of years off of Grace’s life when she thought there was a possible mugger hiding in her bushes.

Julie Hyzy is a multi series, award winning author and a very talented writer.  She can be found hanging out at and also at .

FTC Full Disclosure: I received this book as a gift and decided to review it and share my enjoyment with others.


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