Ink Flamingo is as Colorful as it is Entertaining

Ink Flamingos

By Karen E. Olson

Copyright June 2011

Publisher Obsidian Mystery


 Dee Carmichael, lead singer of the pop sensation The Flamingoes, has been one of Brett Kavanaugh’s most dedicated customers… or was.  Dee has been discovered dead in her hotel room, surrounded by ink pots and needles. And a tall redhead matching Brett’s description was seen leaving the crime scene.  Now Brett has been branded the prime suspect.  This can’t be good for business…

Meanwhile a blog has been showcasing Dee’s deadly tattoo. Things get worse when pictures of Brett start appearing on the site. Turns out, someone isn’t merely following Brett, but impersonating her all over town.   Now if she doesn’t act fast to find out who’s out to get her before the killer puts the dye in dying once again…

Brett just can’t seem to catch a break. She’s trying so hard to not only stay out of trouble, but also not get caught up in anyone else’s.  When she gets a call from her brother Tim, asking her where’s she’s been all day she just knew that something bad was happening.  When she finds out that it’s one of her best and more famous customers, she has already decided that she needs to intervene to help find the killer.

Brett is definitely a “murder magnet”.  Then again, the world she lives in does bring her the type of clients who like to either live on the edge, or are in positions that place them in the way of trouble.  I love the character of Brett, she is a very bright girl who gets caught up in things only because she is also a very caring person.  Her friends at work, Bitsy and Joel, and Jeff who is a competitor are there to back her up, pull her out, or drive her to the ER. Doesn’t matter what, they are there for her.

I’ve totally enjoyed this series and hope that Karen has a lot more great stuff coming down the pike to enthrall and entertain us.

Karen E. Olson is also the author of the “Anne Seymour Mysteries” and can be found at  and also!/karen.e.olson

FTC Full Disclosure: The author sent me this book, and requested that I review it.


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