Killer Listing is a great buy

Killer Listing

By: Vicki Doudera

Copyright April 2011

Publisher Midnight Ink



Million-dollar listings and hefty commissions come easily for Kyle Cameron, south Florida’s star broker. But her career ends abruptly when she is fatally stabbed at an open house. Because of a family friend’s longstanding ties to the Cameron clan, realtor Darby Farr gets pulled into the investigation and learns that Kyle had a shocking secret—one that could’ve sealed her violent fate. Suspects abound, including Kyle’s estranged suicidal husband; her ex-lover, Foster McFarlin, a ruthless billionaire developer; and Foster’s resentful, politically ambitious wife. And Darby’s investigating puts her next on the killer’s hit list.


Darby is visiting with her friend and partner (in her New England Office) Helen Near down in Serenidad Key, Florida.  She’s there to meet and hopefully sell off her shares in the Florida business that she inherited from her aunt Jane.  Not to be picky but this now makes 3 companies that Darby is involved in. But she is a very sharp young woman and a well respected Real Estate Broker in her own right.

When Kyle Cameron is found dead at the site of a house showing, Darby is asked by the Detective in charge of the case to see if she can find out anything that would help.  It appears that Darby’s skill as an amateur detective have followed her from New England to Florida.  So doing what she does best (snooping around and asking leading questions) she extends her visit (since she also needs to find a new buyer for her share of Near and Farr) and starts putting together the clues that will ultimately reveal the true killer and put another notch in her legend.

On a personal note, I grew up in my family’s real estate business. And never in all my years of working in the office, helping with appraisals and collecting rents did I ever have adventures like Darby.

Vicki Doudera is a full time writer and Real Estate agent. She can be found at:  and!/profile.php?id=1242810940

FTC Full Disclosure: I borrowed this book from my local library with the full intent of reviewing it.



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2 responses to “Killer Listing is a great buy

  1. Interesting. I’ll pass this review along to my daughter who lives in Florida and has her real estate license.

    • I’m sure she’ll love BOTH books in the series so far. A House to Die For is the first, it’s got the complete back history of Darby and her family.