A Killer Crop is a Killer Story – a must read story

A Killer Crop

By Sheila Connolly

Copyright December 2010

Publisher Berkeley Prime Crime


When Meg Corey’s mother arrives unannounced in Granford, Massachusetts, Meg’s sure it’s not just to pay a surprise visit to the apple of her eye. The timing is terrible – it’s harvest season and Meg is understaffed in the orchard. Plus Elizabeth Corey is clearly hiding the real purpose of her trip from her daughter.

After an English professor from Amherst, who is an old friend of her mother is found dead on the floor of a cider house, Elizabeth id interrogated by the police, and then gilled by her daughter. She is indeed keeping a secret – but could Meg’s own mother really have committed murder? One thing is clear: someone decided to teach the professor a lesson. And the key to unlocking the mystery may lie with a poet who could not stop for death…



A Killer Crop is the 4th book in Sheila Connolly’s wonderful “Orchard Mystery” series.  The story picks up where the last line of book 3 ended.

Meg comes home to find her mother camped out on her door, having arrived unannounced. Meg and her mother have a different relationship then most mothers and daughters.  Meg is in the middle of harvest season and drop in company, especially her mother is going to be putting added stress on her during her first year as a grower.  During the next few days, Meg and her mom will get entrenched in not only deep conversations (the first ever Meg thinks) and murder.   Meg and her friend Seth, and the rest of her friends will all be doing double duty solving a murder and dealing with their own day to day lives.

I’ve been a follower of this series and Sheila Connolly since falling in love with the first book in this captivating and delicious series.  I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys mysteries and the setting in rural New England.

Sheila Connolly can be found hanging out at http://www.sheilaconnolly.com/ and also at https://www.facebook.com/#!/SheilaConnollyWriter

FTC Full Disclosure: This book was given to me as a gift by a friend.


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