Fruit of all Evil is a great read

Fruit of All Evil

By Paige Shelton

Copyright March 2011

Publisher Berkeley Prime Crime

“Becca Robbins sells her farm–made jams and preserves at the local farmers’ market to make a living. But when a local lovely decides to tie the knot at the same market, someone ese decides to make a killng…”

Becca’s best friend Linda asks her to be her maid of honor for her wedding.  So with a wedding to plan, her business to run, and oooops did I forget the dead Mother of the Groom?  Becca who multitasks fairly well is now off and running.  She enlists her sister’s help with some of the wedding plans so she can find out who killed Mom in Law.

Paige Shelton has an evil sense of humor, which is why I love her books.  She manages to drop her heroine into some really strange situations where she has to use all her wits and experience to clear things up and get her life back to “normal”.

FTC Full Disclosure: I received this book as a gift and I reviewed it for my own pleasure and entertainment of others.


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