Blackness Tower is a fantastic story.

Blackness Tower

By Lillian Stewart Carl

Copyright May 2008

Publisher Juno Books

Blackness Tower is a mystery at the edge of this world, looking over the sea to the next. Lonely, haunted people are drawn to it to seek out its ancient riddles, each looking for their own special answer in its stones.

Ewan Calder is an archaeologist looking for a galleon from the Spanish Armada which was rumored to have been wrecked on the Scottish coast.  Magnus Anderson is a Television presenter who while looking for proof of the paranormal. David Sutherland is the current owner doing restoration of the Tower and possibly his own life.  And finally we have Lauren Reay, a young woman who has come from America looking for answers about her family’s mysterious past, and her own compelling dreams.

All of these people have their own special reasons for gathering at this historic site, and not all of them will be happy or satisfied with the outcomes of their visit. Lauren’s family originated in the area around the Tower, in fact her great, great grandmother Susanna lived and worked in it.  She is hoping to find out the identity of the father of Susanna’s child and how she died.

The journey will be puzzle involving all the characters I’ve listed, with twists, turns and many lies overturned.  I was most interested in the budding romance between David and Lauren as they talk and interact on a daily basis. Also the unraveling of secrets long held in the town and in her own local family.

Lillian Stewart Carl has a special gift when it comes to blending historic type events, modern times and romance, along with a small touch of the supernatural.  It leaves the reader feeling blessed for having been allowed to enter into the journey and lives of the books characters.

FTC Full Disclosure: I received this book as a personal gift from the author, and found it compelling enough to share my thoughts about it in this review.

While this book is out of print in paperback, you can order it for Kindle.

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