The Cruel Ever After is a HIT

The Cruel Ever After

By: Ellen Hart

Copyright December 2010

Publisher Minotaur Books

Jane Lawless, Minneapolis restaurateur has been in a bit of a slump lately.  She is just a few degrees off of normal, what with her love life almost nonexistent, and staying on top of two restaurants while still planning her father’s birthday party.  It’s no wonder she’s ready to jump out of her skin when her ex husband Chester Garrity shows up at her restaurant looking for help.

Chester is someone who would qualify as a “hustler” and at the moment he is trying to work a deal to sell a “priceless artifact” which was stolen from the Baghdad Museum.  Unfortunately his buy ends up dead and he is fingered for the murder.  He needs Jane to help him out, and when the brown stuff hits the fan, she ends up in the middle of the investigation with her BFF Cordelia, she is off to save the day.

Ellen Hart is the Nationally Award winning author of the Jane Lawless Mysteries, and also the Sophie Greenway Mystery Series.

Ms. Hart can be found hanging out at and

FTC Full Disclosure: I borrowed this book from my local library with full intentions of reviewing it.


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