Cat Sitter Among the Pigeons is a winner

Cat Sitter Among the Pigeons

By: Blaize Clement

Copyright January 2011

Blaize Clement’s Dixie Hemingway books are sure to do two things. Entertain you and take you through a maze of twists and turns as Dixie takes care of her client’s pets and finds the bad guys.

Dixie is hired to help elderly Mr. Stern take care of Cheddar his big orange American Short Hair cat. Mr. Stern had ripped his bicep playing tennis. During her visit Mr. Stern’s granddaughter Ruby comes home with her 4 month old daughter Opal.  Ruby has turned state’s evidence to put her ex boss behind bars for running a Ponzi scheme.

From this point on Dixie is caught up in the middle of things whether she wants to be or not.  So with the help of friends, and new friends she manages to put the whole thing to bed, and the bad guys in jail for a very long time.

How she does it is the crux of the story and I’m NOT sharing that little secret with you. LOL

FTC Full Disclosure: I borrowed this book from my local library with full intentions of reviewing it

Blaize Clement can be found at or her Facebook page


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