Jesse Petersen’s Zombies are a Hit

Flip this Zombie

By: Jesse Petersen

Copyright January 2011

Publisher – Orbit Fantasy

Sarah and David’s marriage had been in the toilet, and then the Zombie Apocalypse hit the country. They decided that it was their job to rid the world of zombies and formed a company for just that purpose.

Zombiebusters Extermination, Inc.

The Inc. was David’s idea, to make them appear more professional.  Sarah went from being a bit shy around weapons to becoming a virtual killing machine with any hand weapon available to her.  They are spending the night at one of the safe zones and find a message left for them by a potential client. After debating the possibilities of the job they decide to take it.  Little did they know that the Mad Scientist who they signed on with had a lot more than their welfare in mind.

Thus begins book two of the Living With the Dead series.   If you like comedy, zombies, lots of heavy weapons and marriage infighting this is the book for you.

I’m looking forward to Eat Slay Love, the third book in this comedic rampage across middle America and the fight for Food, Fun, and the end to all Zombies.

FTC Full Disclosure: I borrowed this book from the library with the full intent of reviewing it.

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