A Roller Coast ride of a series

Grace Under Pressure

By: Julie Hyzy

Copyright June 2010

Publisher Berkeley Prime Crime

Grace Wheaton has always been fascinated by Marshfield Manor, and would consider working there as her dream job. She came home from out of state to help her ailing mother and then stayed on to make a life in the town she was born in. Grace gets a job as an assistant curator at Marshfield Manor and is settling in and very happy to be working with Abe, Mr. Marshfield’s  aged curator. Her position has her learning all the nuts and bolts of the Manor, and getting involved in many of the day to day events that take place there.

The story opens at an afternoon Tea in the Manor.  One of the patrons is giving the staff and guests a hard time, and making them all uncomfortable.  Grace is trying to settle the man down when he picks up a chair and threatens to toss it through the conservatory’s window.  It is during this little episode that Mr. Marshfield comes in to see what the ruckus is all about. He approaches the young man and speaks sharply to him. This is when the security people manage to grab him and take him into custody.  Just then the staff radios put an alert to go to private channel and report that there have been shots fired on the fourth floor.

Grace and Mr. Marshfield head to the site of this new incident and our real mystery begins. The victim is Grace’s boss Abe.  How will this affect her job, and how can she help Mr. Marshfield. This and other interesting questions will be answered as you delve into Ms. Hyzie’s newest mystery series.

The Manor House Mysteries.

This series is a roller coaster ride of energy, mystery and intrigue from beginning to end, and I’m looking forward to it having a long and successful run. BUY IT, STEAL IT, or GET IT FROM THE LIBRARY but read this book.

FTC Full Disclosure: The author sent this book as a gift and I chose to review it.


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