Nightshade, a Fantastic New Urban Fantasy Series


By: Michelle Rowen

Copyright February 2011

Publisher Berkeley Sensation/Paranormal Romance

Jillian Conrad does NOT believe in vampires.  But then comes the day she is out getting coffee for some of her co-workers on a temp job she is working and her world view is bent 90 degrees out of shape.  She is taken as a hostage by a madman who works on a lower floor.  The madman is a research scientist who is a bit shady and was on his way out with a sample of a serum he had developed.

Declan Reyes is a Dampyre, half human, half vamp.  He belongs to the group who, along with others has paid for the research to develop this serum. They all clash when Jillian finds herself between Declan and a very desperate thief.  He holds up a syringe to her neck and threatens to inject her if Declan doesn’t let him leave.  Jillian is getting frantic, the madman also has a gun pointing at Declan, and Declan has a gun pointing at the thief.  It’s over in a matter of minutes, Jillian is injected with the serum while the thief is dead on the floor, shot dead before he could shoot Declan.

We are off and running, Jillian is taken by Declan so that he can deliver her to his people to try and get the serum out of her, and Jillian is fighting to escape from Declan so she can run to a hospital.  The story takes off and we are now on a roller coaster of action, intrigue and excitement.  This series will attract readers from every age group because it has something for everyone in it.

Michelle Rowen is also the author of Paranormal Romance books (the Immortality Bites series), Urban Fantasy ( Nightshade series), YA Paranormal (the Demon Princess series).  She can be found hanging out on FB at!/michellerowenbooks

FTC Full Disclosure: I borrowed this book from my local library with the full intent of writing this review.


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