An Uninvited Ghost is a very Inviting Read

An Uninvited Ghost

Author E.J. Copperman

Copyright April 2011

Publisher Berkeley Prime Crime

Alison Kerby ‘s guesthouse in the Jersey Shore town of Harbor Haven is open and ready for visitors.  Now she just has to fill the rooms with paying guests.  She decided to accept the offer from Edward Rance, who operates a unique tour group for seniors.  The “unique” part of this, is that the groups visit haunted homes and are looking for spooks, spirits, ghosties even.

Alison has cut a deal with her two resident ghosts to help “entertain” the guests by appearing twice a day, as if they were a stage act.  In return Alison has agreed to help out on the occasional case. What cases you might venture to ask?  Before he was killed (see Night of the Living Deed) Paul was a newly licensed P.I. .  Now Alison might actually have to make good on that offer since Paul has a client who thinks his actions might have killed someone.

Add to all the tumult of entertaining the seniors, and then the arrival of a “reality TV crew, and a killer to find, you have the beginning of an interesting adventure for Alison ,her daughter Melissa, and her crew of ghosts and friends.

E.J. Copperman is a talented and funny author who can and should hit the top of the lists with this series.

FTC Full Disclosure: I purchased this book with full intensions of reviewing it for friends and other interested being.

E.J. can be found hanging out at!/profile.php?id=100000703950308&sk=info


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