Let the Buyer Be Warned!

I’ve been collecting the book cover post cards that many authors and publishers mail out. In many cases they are personalized with an autograph.  I’m also saving the new smaller playing/baseball sized cards that are making their way to cons and conventions.

I’ve been going crazy trying to find the clear vinyl sheets with the proper sized pockets to store them in.  I thought I’d found a place when I was running an errand and past a store call “THE HOT SHOT (or SPOT) on Nostrand Ave cnr of Ave. P.  If you live in Brooklyn anywhere in the Sheepshead Bay, Madison, Flatbush area you might have seen it as it’s directly across from a Hebrew Day School (Yeshiva).

I went into the store, politely inquired about the sheets I needed and was told that they had them , and they were .25 cents each.  I was going to purchase 30 asstd. sheets and pulled out my bank debit card.  He immediately told me that they had a TWENTY FIVE DOLLAR MINIMUM.  Now I’ve asked at many banks whether stores are allowed to do this, and in every case they said NO!  I explained that I didn’t have a credit card and that it was a debit card. It didn’t make a difference.  There was no notice posted anywhere in the store that I could see, I even asked if they had this illegal price minimum posted anywhere. He looked around and said, no I guess not.  I walked out fuming and this rant is my answer to his actions.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS STORE… They do not believe in fair business practices.


You may now return to whatever you were doing before I started screaming.



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2 responses to “Let the Buyer Be Warned!

  1. Sallie Bourgeois

    The Pokemon Cards have albumsto hol the cards for the kids. I’ll bet that might solve your problem. They aren’t expensive.

  2. Thank you, I’ll look into it.