Betty Hechtman Can Knot Write a Bad Book

You Better Knot Die

Betty Hechtman

Copyright November 2010

Publisher Berkeley Prime Crime

Molly Pink is very busy this holiday season.  As the Event Coordinator for Shedd and Royal Books she thought up and executed book signings, and readings.  She was also in charge of the newly instituted yarn department.  Because of that new job she and Adele were out of town for a few days to see about acquiring the stock of a shop in San Diego that was going out of business.

As the two co-workers drove down Molly’s street they see police cars pulled up in front of her house and her boyfriend Barry (a police detective) getting out of his Crown Vic and running up to the responding officers.   Someone’s in trouble Pink Adele chided her.

The two women watched as the police broke down her front door under the misguided belief that she was in the house and in trouble.  AGAIN!!

Finally straightening that out and the problem and realizing that a cell phone is only as good as the charger that keeps it running, she apologized to everyone.  Molly needs to finalize the plans for a late night book release party for an author who is a total mystery person.  On top of that her neighbor husband has disappeared and she’s been asked to help find him….. It’s just one thing after another in the quirky life of this middle aged widow with the big heart.

Molly is a wonderful person, helpful to a fault and because of this she ends up in the middle of one police investigation after another.  “You Better Knot Die” is the fifth book in the Crochet Mystery series.

FTC Full Disclosure: This book was a gift from a friend which I’ve chosen to do a review of.



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