The Secret Portrait is a Great New Series First Book

The Secret Portrait

By: Lillian Stewart Carl

Copyright April 2005

This is the first book in the Jean Fairbairn – Alistair Cameron Mystery series.  Here we meet the main character s for the first time. Jean was an academic in the US, who after a bit of trouble back home, a nice cash settlement and a divorce from the marriage that shouldn’t have been, is living in Scotland as the silent partner of a magazine called “Great Scott”.

She is visited at her office by a gentleman named George Lovelace, a retired academic formerly with Leicester University.  He is bringing her a gold coin which he would like her help in getting authenticated.  This coin supposedly had been part of Prince Charles’ treasure which disappeared into history after his failed attempt at gaining the Throne of Scotland in 1745.  Mr. Lovelace gives her a story which while she finds it a bit shady, intrigues her enough that she agrees to take the coin to someone for verification.

While visiting her friend at the museum she finds out that Lovelace lied to her about his experience in dealing with the museum regarding found treasures.  This peaks her interest and she is now determined to get to the bottom of this mystery.  Her partner in the meantime is arranging for her to take a trip up to where Lovelace lives under the pretence of interviewing Rick MacLyon an American Millionaire who has rebuilt a large Manor house and considers himself an expert on the Bonnie Prince.

There’s murder a ghost or two and a very interesting Detective Chief Inspector to meet.  I love the way Ms. Carl gives us this mix of diverse characters and brings them to life while totally entertaining us.

FTC Full Disclosure – This book was sent to me by the author in hopes that I would review it.


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