Shadows of a Down East Summer

Shadows of a Down East Summer

Author Lea Wait

Copyright April 2011

Publisher Perseverance Press

Maggie Summer had plans spend time in Maine with her boyfriend Will.  They had plans to go antiquing together, working a few shows, and just spending alone time working on their relationship.  She arrived to find that Will’s Great Aunt Nettie already had some of Will’s days planned out for him.

Will is one of Nettie’s sole relatives and he cares about her very much.  He spends a few weeks a year doing maintenance on Aunt Nettie’s cottage.  Maggie was not aware of this and felt just a little put out.  Aunt Nettie also had some plans for Maggie.  She wants her to meet her friend Susan Newall’s Cousin Carolyn Chase.  Carolyn’s mother was Helen Chase a well known and highly collectible artist.

Carolyn would like Maggie to help her with some research she was doing into early family history and to go through a box of papers, letters, and diaries that belonged to some recent ancestors.

Maggie (and Will) are going to find themselves caught up, not only in a local murder, but also tracking down family histories to help solve this cruel and vicious crime.

Ms Wait is back stronger and better than ever. I’m looking forward to a lot more stories in her Antique Print Mystery series. Ms. Wait has a way of virtually dragging you into the pages of her book and enveloping you in the story.

FTC Full Disclosure: I received this book from the publishers in the hope that I would read and review it.


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