Sofie Kelly is off and running with a great new series.

Curiosity Thrilled the Cat
By: Sofie Kelly
Obsidian Press – Feb. 2011

Kathleen Paulson has decided that it’s time for a change in her life. When she sees an ad in a journal from a town looking for a librarian who can handle the job of rebuilding and updating their old building she applies and is accepted.

She packs up and moves to Mayville Heights, a small town in Minnesota. She is totally unaware that there are two small bundles of fuzz just waiting to adopt her and change her life with their presence. Owen is a tabby with a catnip addiction, and Hercules is a stocky tuxedo cat who shares Kathleen’s fondness of Barry Manilow. She will soon find out that they have talents she would never have expected.

Arriving at work one morning she is introduced to the obnoxious Mr. Gregor Easton. He is the Guest Conductor for Mayville Heights “Wild Rose Summer Music Festival”. He needs an internet connection NOW and is more than a bit put out to find that the library’s (whose literature listed internet service in the new brochure) computers are not up and running. Kathleen tries to explain that the contractor is behind on the work schedule ant that the computers will not be available for an unspecified time.

Mr. Obnoxious blows up at this and becomes extremely loud and nasty to Kathleen. It’s at this point that one of her cats makes a surprise appearance and lands on the conductor’s head, not only startling him but everyone else.

Kathleen attempts to placate him by offering him a free breakfast to be delivered the next morning to his hotel room.

Needless to say, the next morning Mr. Easton is found dead at the keyboard of the piano at The Stratton where part of the festival was to take place. Kathleen finds herself as a prime suspect and decides that she needs to find out who killed him.

This is the first book in a new series by author Sofie Kelly. A magical Cats mystery in my humble reader opinion is going to have not only a long and successful run, but will totally enthrall and entertain fans of a certain other Cat series. LOL

FTC Full Disclosure – This book was given to me by a friend and I decided that I would review it.


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