MJ Putney is going to take the YA Paranormal by Storm

The Dark Mirror
By: M. J. Putney
Published by St. Martin’s/Griffin
Copyright March 2011

Lady Victoria “Tory” Mansfield is the youngest daughter of the Earl and Countess of Fairmount. Her life was destined to be a charmed life of status and wealth. She was the envy of many of the other young girls. Tory knows she is lucky and that is why she is struggling to hide her secret, a talent for magic.

She could lose everything if this secret is exposed, but fate has another life planned for this young woman. The annual Fairmount Summer fete was in full roar, and her whole family is there along with everyone from the town and surrounding areas. She was watching everyone enjoying themselves when she heard an uproar from the area of the cliff path. Her nephew Jamie, running to catch is father slipped off the edge and fell from the cliff, and getting himself snagged on a growth of brush from the side of the cliff wall. His father and everyone else are getting frantic to find a way to save him before he falls to his death.

Tory has but one thought, and that is to save her nephew even at the risk of being found out as a Mage. She runs to the cliff and floats down to grab her nephew and brings him back up to her brother’s waiting arms. Her secret is out and her family is mortified.

The next day she is summarily bundled off to Lackland Abbey, a reform school for other young men and women in her situation. Here is where she learns secrets about herself and her true place in the world. Her adventures and new friends share a world that few will know or understand.

I’m looking forward to a long and successful run of this storyline from a fantastic and well known author. This book might be listed as YA but it will appeal to anyone who enjoys great adventure and characters who are three dimensional.

FTC Full Disclosure – This book was sent to me by Goodreads.com in hopes that I would review it.


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