A New Direction for Sue Ann Jaffarian

Murder in Vein (A Fang in Cheek Mystery)

Sue Ann Jaffarian

Copyright 2010


Madison Rose is a twenty-something recent newcomer to California.  She works as a waitress in a diner and is just trying to make her way in life. Leaving work one evening she is hit from behind and wakes up bound, gagged and very scared.  In the course of her abduction she was knocked around, had her clothes ripped off and dragged around while he moved her from the car.

Then while she’s wondering what is going to happen next he calmly sits down by a tree and pulls out a six pack of beer and starts drinking.  You’d think he had all the time in the world.  Madison starts struggling to look around and Bobby (the kidnapper) scoots over to her and says to her “steady now, don’t go making things worse for yourself”.  Madison is beginning to wonder how long she has to live when someone attacks Bobby and pulls him off of Madison.

Watching as her savior throws Bobby into a tree and then rips out his throat to finish the job and drink Bobby’s blood.


Madison found herself being saved by a Vampire and now her adventures begin, along with might be a new life.

This is the first book in Ms. Jaffarian’s new Fang in Cheek Mystery series.  It’s a new direction for this award winning author.


FTC Full Disclosure:  I purchased this book in the limited hard cover First Edition as a collectible and for review.




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