Real Estate was never like this in my family.

A House to Die For

By: Vicki Doudera

Copyright April 2010

Publisher Midnight Ink

Darby Farr is not a happy camper.  She has too many irons in the fire at her successful Real Estate business and is not in the mood to have to go home (a home she ran from ten years earlier) to deal with her sick aunt.  But the phone call from Tina Ames telling her she not only has to return to Hurricane Harbor on the next day’s flight out.

Tina informs her that her aunt is in the hospital and wants her to finish her last big sale.  A multimillion dollar one at that.  Reminding Tina that she is not licensed in the state of Maine, Tina tells her “you take the Maine Law portion of the exam on the plane. You pass it, and you’re licensed.” Your plane leaves at 12:45 today and an envelope will be waiting with your ticket.  Fill out the exam and you get your license. Your aunt is very insistent about this.

So begins Darby’s trip not only home, but also to face her demons.  She has built a successful life in California and never expected to have to return to Hurricane Harbor, Maine.  The twists and turns this deal and her life are about to take would make a lesser woman’s hair turn white.

Having grown up in the family real estate business, with both grandparents as Licensed Brokers and Appraisers I know what this life is all about.  Ms. Doudera gives us a taste of the business, personal loss, and a young woman finding herself and her family again.

FTC Full Disclosure: I was borrowed this book from my local library with the full intention that I would review it.

This is Vicki Doudera’s first book and I highly recommend it.  She is hard at work on her next one as I type this.

Ms. Doudera can be found at her website


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