Dogs Don’t Lie, they have no reason to.

Dogs Don’t Lie

By: Clea Simon

Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press

Copyright April 2011


Pru Marlowe couldn’t wait to get out of her small town.  Now years later she is running home to get away from herself.  She has a gift that while helpful in her chosen profession as an animal behaviorist is driving her a bit out of her mind.

After her mother passes away, and living in the house she grew up in, she starts a business working with pet owners teaching them (after talking to their pets) what they need to do to have happy and healthy pets. Things were getting better, her business was building until fate stepped in.

She was on her way to see Charles, her best client, and his rescue dog Lilly (Tetris).  Upon entering their house Pru found Charles dead on the floor, killed in such a way as to implicate his pet in his murder.  Lilly being a pit bull is taken to the town pound and now it’s up to Pru to prove the cops and the whole town WRONG.

Along the way we meet her very opinionated 13 year old Tabby cat Wallis.  Oh, did I forget to mention that Pru is not only a behaviorist but an animal psychic?  Yeap, she can understand their thoughts and in Wallis’s case it’s a two way communication.  We also meet Albert who is the Animal Control Person for the town, various and sundry customers of Pru’s, whose business keeps food on the table for herself and Wallis.  Enjoy the ride it’s a fun one.

Dog’s Don’t Lie is the first in a new series by Clea Simon, a published author, and a fantastic lady.  I highly recommend this book to everyone that likes not only cozies, but also pet stories, and a bit of the paranormal thrown in for fun.

FTC Full Disclosure: I was sent this book as an ARC by the author in the hope that I would review it.

Clea Simon’s other series include: the Theda Krakow Mysteries and the Dulcia Schwartz Mysteries.   Visit her website at




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